Flying Falcon Summer 9

Message from the Headmaster:

Yikes! Another week has slippped us by! The Summer Fair last Saturday was one of the best I have ever been to. The atmosphere was wonderful and the weather held out beautifully. I like our Falcons Pre-Prep Fairs as they have a real homemade and family feel to them. The stalls are so carefully thought out, right down to the hand painted backdrops. From the moment the boys arrived with their families, they were enthralled in the activities. I felt transported back in time as we were visited by many of our older siblings and past pupils. Thank you to our wonderful PA and in particular Mrs Suterwalla for arranging this spectacular event. The Penny Drive was a huge success with over 9,000 coins collected. Well done to the Blue house who just scraped through to be the official winners.

On Tuesday, Year 1 and Year 2 had their first taste of their summer performance on the stage. There certainly was a buzz on their return. I can’t wait until next week Tuesday. The duckling incubator arrived on Tuesday morning with 6 eggs and by the afternoon, we had our first arrival! I have to admit, I love it when the ducklings arrive as it takes me back to my own childhood, growing up on a farm in Africa. After a few touch and go moments, Mrs Barker and I decided to ‘”help” the last two ducklings out of their shells on Wednesday evening. Luckily we have enjoyed a great deal of success as we have 6 healthy fluffy ducklings. The boys learn an enormous amount through this experience, thankfully this year they don’t need to learn what happens if one does not make it.

Today we were delighted with the Nursery play, “The Highway Rat”. It was an ambitious play with a lot of songs and words but the boys pulled it off superbly. Mrs Bnidar, Mrs Mailk, Mrs Ertes and Mr Arnott did a wonderful job. I love seeing the parents smiling as their boys perform. The costumes were wonderful!

I am really looking forward to seeing you all at the parent’s association drinks tonight. They are always a great deal of fun.

It is going to be sunny this weekend, please put sun cream on your boys and get them outside!!

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