Flying Falcon – Autumn 2018 Week 2

Message from the Headmaster:

This week started off with a very positive and exciting PA meeting at Moot in the Chiswick business park. I am very grateful to have such a forward thinking and positive group of parents championing our lovely school. The afternoon tea with Miss Buchanan was equally positive. We chatted to parents about the new Early Years department, which our Richmond site will open in September 2019. Clubs have been in full swing this week and the boys I have to say are going home a lot more tired this week, as the days are fully packed with fun and exciting activities. The new coding club seems to have been an absolute favourite, as have the sporting clubs on offer. I have enjoyed showing prospective parents around the school. We are already rehearsing for our first performance of this academic year, the Harvest Festival. Year 1 cheerfully went off to swimming for their first time as a class. Getting used to this rou-tine for them will take a little bit of time, but their changing speed should improve as the term progresses. I had our Director of Nurseries, Jane Ritchie come and visit on Thursday. Mrs Ritchie was Prince William’s first teacher many years ago. She spent time in our Nursery concentrating on the continuous provision in place for our boys. She was not surprised that the new little ones have settled in so quickly, as the activities in which they were enthralled were all exciting and age appropriate. She also spent time with the Reception boys and commented on how advanced their phonics skills were for this time of year. Our Director of Property, Mr Richard Jones visited us today as the planning permission for our new playground and permanent Reception outdoor learning area has been approved. Once these areas have been developed our school site will have been completely renovated and provide the most outstanding facilities for boys of this age group. Watch this space as it is my hope to have these areas completed by January. Our boys have all been working hard with the help of many PA volunteers to create their Christmas cards. These are always a very big hit with the families, as they are so personal. Chef Rahel has been appointed to Head Chef at Chepstow House. She will be heading up a team of 11 and catering for nearly 500 people each day. This is a very big promotion for her and one I know she is ready for. We are very sad to see her go, but are very proud of her well-deserved achievements. Friday next week will be her last day with us. Fortunately we have chef Nay who has been promoted to run our kitchen, joining us from Falcons Prep. She has been with us since the start of term but has been in many times in the past to cover when needed. She is already well known to our staff and boys and her food is fantastic! I am very pleased to have her on our team. Chef Rahel has done a thorough handover and all the boys will carry on enjoying their meal times. Please click HERE to read the rest of this week’s Newsletter and if I did not get to see you at the gate today, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.