Flying Falcon Autumn 2018 – Week 4

Message from the Headmaster:

This week has been all about pupil voice and democracy. Often we underestimate children of our age group and their understanding of democracy and ability to express their opinion. Well, this has not been the case at school this week. The boys have voted! Not for a new head of school luckily, but for our school charity. The senior leadership team took the final three charity nominations made by our parent body to the boys and presented them in an assembly. The boys listened carefully to all three nominations and then were asked to put their counter into the named container of their choice. We emphasised that they needed to make up their own minds and not simply to follow their friends. The vote was close and at the end of the process, one boy in Year 1 came to Mr Grant and said he did not have a counter. Mr Grant gave him one and took him to the ballot con-tainers. He did not know it, but it was the deciding vote. I was pleased to see that boys as young as 5 under-stood that they were voting, deciding and could explain what democracy meant.

The charity which received the majority is Marine Conservation Society We are delighted that the boys have chosen this charity, as it will not only help marine life in the immediate future, but it will be far reaching for the future of the planet. The awareness that supporting this charity will bring to the school and the boys will be paramount in building globally conscious citizens of the future. I know I pick up litter on a regu-lar basis as plastic on the streets is a pet hate of mine. My understanding was greatly heightened through the Blue Planet II series and all the work Sir David Attenborough did, to show us what we are doing to our plan-et. The boys are very excited that this is our chosen charity and we look forward to working together as a school community to support them.

Our Year 2 boys played football against Wetherby on Tuesday and I was lucky enough to join them. I was very impressed by their determination and team spirit in the face of a very strong opponent. Also on Tuesday we had a wonderful Chelsea Pensioner visiting the Nursery and Year 1 visited the Chiltern Open Air Museum. So all in all a very busy week in which the boys took away quite a bit of lifelong learning. We have a good number of Year 2 boys attending our Open Morning tomorrow as they volunteered their time to come and meet prospective families. Nothing speaks as well for a school as our boys do! We look forward to a very busy morning tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your families and please click HERE to read the rest of this week’s newsletter.