Flying Falcon Autumn 2018 – Week 8

Message from Headmaster:

We have another Falcons baby! Congratulations to Mrs Malik and her husband who have had a beautiful baby boy called Blaze. We look forward to meeting him. Ahead of our anti-bullying week next week, Mr Grant arranged a workshop on Wednesday for all of the boys ahead of our anti-bullying week next week. The boys took away a lot from the workshop as it was practical and showed a lot of varied scenarios where bullying could take place. One I found particularly interesting was where a child had been left out of being invited to a party the rest of the class had been invited to. This one resonated with me as I know we try hard to be inclusive with our approach to whole class birthday party invitations. We have all signed our anti-bullying pledge, which Mr Grant insisted that I sign first, (I am not sure if there was a hidden message he was trying to convey).

Our parent body has been baking to their heart’s content as a steady flow of beautiful cakes made their way into school on Thursday. Thank you to all parents who stayed up late on Wednesday night baking. The proceeds of the sale will go to our chosen charity Marine Conservation Society.

We handed out Frankie the Falcon to the Jays class this week for their wonderful kindness towards each other. Mr Grant asked if any of the boys had an example of kindness they had done or were thinking of doing. Mylo B in Year 1 shot his hand up and answered that he was going to invent a robot that would swim in the oceans to collect all the plastic and make the planet a better place to live for all the animals and humans. What a fantastic idea and knowing Mylo, I am sure he will do it. It was lovely to see so many of you at our parent consultations last night celebrating what your boys have been up to so far this academic term. Together with my Senior Leaders we did a book trawl earlier this week and we were certainly impressed with how much the boys have already covered. Today Mrs Wendy Challen visited us, she is my IAPS mentor and we meet up regularly. She could not believe how much our site has changed over the last two years. Mrs Challen headed up The Garden House School early years for many years and I benefit so much from her advice and wisdom.

Many of our Year 2 boys are starting to attend interviews, open mornings and assessment days at various schools. We are very proud of our young Falcons ambassadors going out to represent themselves and our school. We wish them luck, we know they will do well. If I did not get to see you this week, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your boys and please remember to have a chat with them about what bullying is and what they could do about it should they encounter it. This will reinforce the workshop we have had, prepare them for next week and help them in their lifelong learning.

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