Flying Falcon Autumn 2018 – Week 9

Message from the Head:

I kicked off this week with an early morning text from Mr Grant reminding Mrs Thomson and I to wear odd socks! We have had our Anti-Bullying week this week and our odd socks were a way to highlight each other’s differences. I had made a point of asking some Year 2 boys why we were wearing odd socks and it was clear that they understood how important it was to embrace differences rather than be afraid of them. Whilst doing an activity with the boys this week, I had designed a rather difficult group activity which was intended to fail. The idea was to make the boys frustrated in a group setting and to coach them through their reactions. Whilst I had remained silent, by the middle of the activity one of the boys said, “This is really hard but I am not going to give up!” This put a big smile on my face. The other young chap in the group said “None of us are going to give up, because that is what Falcons boys do”. At this point I realised no coaching was necessary and that these boys were more than ready to take on any challenges other schools would put in front of them. I also thought to myself, “This is why we do this job!” Year 2 went to the Prep school this week for their activity and taster days. It was lovely to see them hop onto the Prep School mini-bus and confidently head off. Miss Buchanan and her team organised a fun-filled, stress-free visit for each of the classes. When I asked a boy how the day went he told me, “I felt at home at the Prep!” Once again I was smiling.

At our Alpha Plus Head’s meeting yesterday, we had an incredibly thought-provoking paper written and presented to us by Mrs Stephen, our Director of Schools, on the state of children’s mental health. The statistics were mind-blowing. When seen in black and white, it is scary to notice what our young children are facing in their lives. The wealth of knowledge and the depth of discussion from all the heads from different age groups, co-ed and single sex settings were phenomenal. Alpha Plus has put together a Phase One group strategy which we are very keen to be part of. Obviously every school has mental health high up on their radar, but when the group puts their time, energy, resources and expertise all in one pool, the results are bound to be beneficial to every child in the group. I presented our Falcons Pre-Prep educational strategy to our board of governors and directors today and it was very rewarding to see how much the school has evolved within the last 3 years. Everything that has changed directly impacts the boys and their learning. We believe that constantly striving to improve is the only way forward. Again the expertise around the board room was challenging, supportive and demonstrated thorough rigour but with an in-depth understanding of our own Falcons Pre-Prep setting.

If I did not get to see you at the gate this morning or afternoon, I hope you have a great weekend. It is going to be sunny but chilly, wrap your boys up warm and please get them outside!!!

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