Flying Falcon Autumn 2018 – Week 10

Message from Head:

This week has all been about academics; well mostly. As part of our individual approach to learning, I met with Mrs Martin, Mrs Llewellyn and all class tutors in my office. We put up the data we have on the boys and we looked at each individual child’s profile. We examined his scores against the national average, independent average and against his previous scores. We then look at what we are all doing to progress each child and ask ourselves if it is working, can more be done, and if so, what we are going to do? We call these “so what?” meetings. This is one of the best parts of working in a small school: I can be part of this process with every class and child. We have these meetings on a termly basis and individual targets are set. We then use this data and information to look at what we are doing for each cohort of children and sometimes we find that we may have to adjust our planning to cater for them. This approach, as time consuming as it is, is incredibly valuable in identifying trends and informing reasonable adjustment for each child, regardless of where he may sit in relation to his peers. This type of rigour and thorough assessment ultimately benefits the boys.

We invited two lovely nurses from Hounslow into the school on Wednesday where 49 boys were immunised against flu. They made it really fun, but quite educational. We did not have one boy resort to tears. They all showed courage and were very brave.
We were treated to two parent class assemblies this week. Kestrels were on Thursday and Merlins today. Both assemblies made me incredibly proud as the boys emulated our core values effortlessly and with pride. It is one of the most rewarding times as a Head. I can sit back and smile as the children demonstrate exactly what we stand for and that their life long values are at the heart of what we are doing here at the Falcons Pre-Prep.

Today we had our autumn term governance visit from our Directors of Schools, Education and IT. We really enjoy these, despite the amount of preparation we have to do. This is like a mini termly inspection, when we show them exactly what we do, how we do it and they give us incredibly valuable feedback. Again drawing on the expertise of these people only helps us to continue to improve.

Our Year 2 boys played a home fixture against Wetherby this afternoon. These fixtures are a great test of sportsmanship, skill and resilience which the boys usually relish.

Tomorrow evening there will be a celebration ball for the Prep School as we honour their 10th anniversary. This is a fantastic milestone for them, and Mr Grant, Mrs Thomson and I feel privileged to have been invited. Our outfits have been dusted off and we have been told to put on our dancing shoes!

Have a wonderful weekend with your young men.  Please click here to read the rest of this week’s Newsletter in full.