Flying Falcon – Autumn 2018 Week 11

Message from Headmaster:

This week kicked off with all the boys and staff arriving at school on Monday morning wearing play clothes and wellington boots. We were off to plant trees in Harvard Hill Park. The boys joined Abundance London, The Woodland Trust, Grove Park School and many local neighbours in planting 200 trees in the Harvard Hill Park. This was a brilliant way to bring the local community together to do something positive for the environment. It will be fantastic if some of our boys end up living in the local area and get to play with their children in the shade of these trees. I know in time, the school will benefit from the oxygen produced by them. Please click here to read more about this in the Chiswick Herald.

We had the Kidsout assembly as well on Monday, a charity we are supporting by donating gifts to needy children this Christmas. The response by the boys has been heartfelt, overwhelming and very positive. We welcomed Mr Knowles into school on Wednesday to do an assembly on our chosen charity ‘Marine Conservation Society’. He was full of energy and I have to say that I too learnt quite a few facts. The highlight of the assembly was the boys all looking at and holding a Megalodon tooth. This charity really resonates with the boys as they had the ownership of choosing the charity.

We have many of our Year 2 boys attending exams for Year 3 entry in the next few weeks. We wish them luck and want them to know that we are very proud of them.

It was wonderful to go to the Prep School 10th anniversary ball last Saturday. I enjoyed reminiscing with so many of the parents whose boys had attended the Pre-Prep. I gave up trying to guess which year group they are in now, as I inevitably got it wrong. I could not believe how quickly their sons have grown up. Mr and Mrs Milne were at the ball to help Miss Buchanan and her team celebrate this milestone in the Prep’s history.

Mrs Knight visited us this week on Thursday. She had a great time helping out in the Nursery for an hour and joined the staff and boys for lunch. It was like old times having her in school.

If I did not get to see you at drop-off or pick-up this week, have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to our PA drinks on Friday 7th December.   Please click here to read the rest of this week’s Newsletter in full.