Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!  It was really wonderful to welcome our boys back on Monday morning and my favourite moment on Monday was when I was saying hello to the Nursery boys on the stairs and one of them walked over to me and flung his arms around me to say hello.  The staff had all been in since last week Thursday, getting ready for the start of term.  The school is so empty and quiet without the boys and so we were all excited to have them roaming the building again.

I was told during my assembly that all the boys were on the “nice” list and that none of them had received a lump of coal for Christmas!  My assembly this week was on “How Humpty Dumpty got up again” which concentrated on resilience and continuing to try even when we have fallen down.  I had not heard of this story before and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it when Humpty hatched from being a cracked egg into a bird.

I conducted a tour for prospective parents during the first morning back and when I took them around the school, I was thrilled to see that in every classroom I walked into, the boys were engaged in their lessons.  In fact most classrooms were either doing phonics or writing.  This was exactly what I had asked staff to do, hit the ground running and make the most of the first day back!

Mr Grant and the Year 2 team took their boys to the Roald Dahl Museum on Wednesday as a start to their writing unit this term.  This is one of our favourite trips, as it brings to life so many of Roald Dahl’s books for the boys. They got to go in the great glass elevator, climb through Mr Fox’s warren and make the BFG’s dream bottles. This enhances enormously the boys’ ability to write.

Our Reception boys just loved their visit from Dinogirl on Thursday.  Again, this topic is used to inspire their reading and writing.

Mr Grant and Mrs Thomson held a parent meeting today to introduce our much anticipated Falcons ‘Pupil Passport’ to Year 2.  This is aimed at the pastoral side of the school and will help the boys work towards goals and certificates whilst improving their understanding of being a good citizen.

It has only been our first week back but there has been so much taking place, illustrating the happy, busy and buzzing type of school we are.  I hope to see many of our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 parents at our “Come and See our Work” mornings next week.

On a final note, I would like to congratulate Mr Grant who got engaged over the Christmas holidays.  Exciting news and we wish him all the very best.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Andrew Forbes – Head