Another busy week and it’s only Week 2!

On Monday we kicked off the week with a specialist assembly initiated by Chef Nay and Brookwoods our catering company, which was all about the sugar found in food.  I know that this generation of children has a much better knowledge and understanding of healthy eating than previous generations.

On Tuesday our Reception classrooms were full of parents as they had been invited in to sit with their boys and go through all of the work that they have done so far.  This was repeated in Year 1 and Year 2 today.  It was really good to see so many parents being navigated by their boys through their work.  Most boys were able to make a target with their parents in order to help them improve.

Miss Buchanan from the Prep school visited us this week.  I thoroughly enjoyed showing her around our school and introducing her to our boys and staff.  The look on some of the Year 2 boys’ faces was priceless as they recognised her from the Prep School assessment day.  We sometimes take for granted the wonderful facilities which we have here at the Pre-Prep but it was really lovely to hear Miss Buchanan’s compliments towards our building and our boys.

The Reception boys were treated to a day out at our Falcons Girls’ school.  We wanted to give our boys the opportunity to interact with girls and participate in free flow learning in a completely new and exciting environment.  To say this outing was a hit is an understatement as our boys loved every minute of it.  I look forward to combining more time with the girls’ school.

We are nearing the end of the Year 3 entry process with almost all of the boys now knowing where they are going.  We have a few schools to hear back from and then we will celebrate their individual successes.  I am exceptionally proud of them and how they have handled the process.

If I did not see you today at the gate, have a wonderful albeit chilly weekend with your families.

Andrew Forbes – Head