Week 4 and we’ve been as busy as ever!

This week kicked off with a wonderful display from our music department.  We had a Performers’ Platform where our boys who play peripatetic music instruments were invited to showcase their talents and skills in front of their parents.  I was delighted to see how these little chaps are reading music at such an early age.

Tuesday was greeted with extreme excitement as our Year 1 boys had their taster day at our Falcons Prep.  Some of the boys were up at 5:30 am with great anticipation.  Miss Buchanan and her team had arranged a really fun-filled day with many activities, including science experiments, games and IT lessons.  I arrived just in time to see our boys in their lab coats and goggles making slime and volcanic explosions.  Many parents took advantage of their invite and were given tours of the school by Year 7 boys, some of whom were in my last class here at the Pre-Prep when I was a Year 2 class tutor.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience for all.  Thank you to our Prep school for making this such a special event.

On Wednesday, I invited Professor Pat Preedy into our school to work with the staff and me, advising us on how best to prepare for an Educational Quality Inspection (EQI).  Professor Preedy, a reporting inspector, gave us a mini-inspection where she looked at what we do and how we do it.  She was incredibly impressed with what she saw and also gave us many pearls of wisdom on how to secure an ‘outstanding’.  It was reassuring to know that we are on the right track and she commended us on our pastoral and health and safety initiatives as amongst the best she had ever come across.

We invited Falcons Prep, Wetherby School, and Wetherby Kensington to join us in the afternoon and had great discussions on what we all do with our boys and collaboratively shared our good practices.  What a day of learning for us all!

Thursday we had the first round of the poetry competition and many of our boys had learnt poems to recite to their classes.  Not everyone will go through to the next round, but we use this as part of the boys’ lifelong learning skills in resilience.

On Friday, we were treated to the Robins class assembly on ‘Protecting Fish in the Sea’.  Our boys are really all so interested and concerned about our environment and what we can do to reduce the amounts of plastic we use.  Jays will do their assembly next week, also focussed on the environment. Both assemblies are excellent openers to the Marine Conservation Society Plastic Awareness week we are running just before half term.  If there is a generation we are going to reach to change our habits, it is this one!

We have had a really jam packed and busy week!

I look forward to welcoming Year 1 parents to our future schools meeting next week on Thursday at 7pm.  Miss Buchanan will be attending and presenting on 11+ and 13+, thereby giving our parents early on, the full and wide spectrum on offer for their sons.

On a final note, with Open Morning looming later this term, we have been looking at ways in which to drive awareness about our Open Morning and encourage people to come and visit our lovely school!  We have linked up with Julia Quilliam of Quilliam’s Estate Agents who has kindly agreed to support us, which includes raising money for our charity, the Marine Conservation Society.  She has generously agreed to donate £20 for every board that our families would agree to put up in their front gardens to advertise our Open Morning.  The proposed installation date would be on or around Friday 22nd February for 3 weeks in the run-up to our Open Morning.  The boards would then be taken down swiftly thereafter.  If you would be happy to support this great fundraising initiative, then please could you email Mrs Jarvis over the next few days to register your interest (Lucinda.jarvis@falconsboys.co.uk).

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Andrew Forbes – Head