Mental Health Week at the Pre-Prep

This week Mr Grant has hijacked my spot in the Flying Falcon but before I hand it over to him, I would like to say congratulations to Mrs Chubb and her family as they welcomed her first grand daughter into the world on Tuesday.  Cressida Aurelia Elizabeth Chubb was born on Chinese New Year.  We have had an ever so proud granny clucking and cooing all week in the front office.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Andrew Forbes – Head

As you are aware, during the past week the boys have been taking part in mental health week. The main aim of the week was to promote mental wellbeing, raise awareness and develop the boys’ understanding of the importance of being ‘Healthy: Inside and Out’.

The boys have discussed and generated some ideas of how to manage their feelings and what to do when they are feeling sad or worried about something. I led a thought provoking assembly on Tuesday where the boys shared their own ideas of how to look after their minds. Activities like yoga, reading a book, having some quiet time and talking about their worries were all points raised by the boys.

I enjoyed listening to the boys sharing their precious objects with their peers and we discussed how we can use them to cheer us up when we are feeling sad. We had some great discussions in Year 2 about managing feelings and understanding that we all may well experience difficult moments in our lives but by talking about them to people we trust, it can help us. The boys have also had their pupil interviews with their teachers where they have been talking to their teacher on a one to one basis about their attitudes and feelings on school life.  These meetings have proved extremely valuable and we will continue to have these each half term. After speaking to some of the boys I certainly feel that the week has been very positive. Having heard pupils talking I feel that it has raised their awareness and understanding that to be healthy, does not just mean eating well and exercising, but also looking after their minds too. I know some classes enjoyed a few ‘brain breaks’ this week! There has been a strong focus on mental health throughout the school and it has been a very productive and enjoyable week.

There are some quite concerning statistics about mental health but if we can start to make young people aware of mental health and the importance of discussing our worries, concerns and help them to manage their feelings, we will be continuing to support young people and help to make a difference.

As it says on the ‘Place2Be’ website who founded the first Children’s Mental Health Week in 2015 – ‘Children are less likely to suffer from mental health difficulties later in life if they receive support at an early age.’

Spread the word!

Lee Grant – Head of Year 2 and Pupil & Staff Wellbeing Head