Plastic Awareness Week

What a jam-packed week at our lovely family school!

It has been our Plastic Awareness Week which has been inspired by our PA and our chosen charity, Marine Conservation Society.  This is the charity our boys voted to support.  We started off the week with Katie from MCS visiting us to introduce the concept to the boys.  I was really amazed at the facts that our young boys know about the Ocean.  We have centred all our Non-Core lessons around these topics for the whole week, as well as running a competition for the boys to come up with ideas to clean up the Oceans.  The winner of the competition was Reuben A and his prize was kindly donated by ‘The Source Bulk Foods’.

Today the boys dressed up in anything to do with our charity or the Ocean.  Our little chaps have been behind this worthy cause with all their determination and zest.  Mr Arnott and the boys wrote a song to highlight what we are trying to achieve.   We have put it on social media; please share this link as we would like it to go viral on the internet.

We were challenged this week to count all the single use plastic items thrown away or recycled each day at home.  Their parents were ‘fined’ 10p for every item, to raise money for MCS and to raise awareness of the volume of plastic we use daily.

On Tuesday we had Nick Carter, an adventurer come to meet our boys and present on the topic of overcoming fears.  Our boys were totally captivated by what he said and shared with them. Please see this link to get a taste of what he wanted to convey to our boys.  This is all aimed at building their resilience.  He has done some truly remarkable tests of courage which back up his motivational talks.  Even the staff were surprised at some of the facts he passed on, like how you are in danger of your eyeballs freezing while climbing Mt Everest!  Nick will be sharing his latest adventure with us on a regular basis and returning to talk to the parents on 12th March.  Tickets are now also on sale to the public so please be sure to click here and buy your tickets in good time as our parent events do sell out.

On Wednesday we were treated to a tasty Chinese New Year lunch.  We had the boys eating out of Chinese take away boxes and most of Year 2 had a go at eating with chop sticks.  I can assure you that none of us went hungry!

Today we had our Year 2 Magic Breakfast; a Brookwood’s supported charity which donates money to schools to help families who don’t have access to breakfasts.

We have had a truly fantastic week, it is time for a rest now and I hope you and your families have a wonderful half term.

Please get your boys outside climbing, playing, building and enjoying this Spring like weather.

Andrew Forbes – Head