We’re half-way through the academic year already!

After a lovely mostly sunny half-term, it was wonderful to welcome the boys back.  They arrived at school with smiles on their faces and I also noted the elated parents leaving the school whilst I was at the gate!  A happy school community all round. This was more than evident when the boys went into the playground on a lovely warm spring Monday; they took full advantage of the beautiful new surfaces.  To see them rolling around on the grass and playing on the soft surface in the summery weather, fulfilled the vision we had when planning the playground.

In the classrooms we were straight back into routine lessons, and when I went around the school it was as though we had not been away at all.  On Tuesday we invited the Prep school eco-group to come to our assembly and show our boys all the initiatives they have in place.  This was a follow up from our Plastic Awareness week.  Unbeknownst to me, it was three of the boys who had been with us here at the Pre-Prep.  Jervaan, Oliver and Josh, who are now in Year 7, presented to our boys ways we can all do our bit to help save our planet.  They were in good company as our Pre-Prep boys are all very motivated in this area.  These boys were in Mr Grant’s first class when he arrived here many years ago.

On Wednesday we welcomed Nursery and Reception parents in for their Spring term consultations.  I enjoy these evenings as there is often so much progress to celebrate.  We had our Poetry Competition finals this week on Thursday and it is always very hard to choose a winner as it takes such confidence to get up in front of so many people and recite a poem.  Our visiting poet Coral Rumble was excellent and inspired our boys during her workshops.  Congratulations not only to the winners but to all the boys who prepared a poem to recite.  It was great to welcome yet more of our bigger Falcons Prep boys, Dylan and Benedict to the Poetry Competition to show our boys where they can aim to be in the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed going to the Arnold House fixture today.  Tag Rugby is a sport I personally don’t understand, as an ex-rugby player I still have the urge to shout “tackle him!”  Thank goodness I didn’t and that our boys have been taught how to play tag rugby properly.

I look forward to the quiz this evening where the Prep and Pre-Prep are competing as one team this year.  Last year we came second only by one point and I hope we can do as well this year.  No, I am not competitive at all 🙂

Please can I ask that you keep an eye out for a rather nasty craze sweeping the internet which is not at all pleasant for young children?  It is called Momo and is apparently infiltrating many innocent child-friendly sites which we usually deem as safe. It simply pops up for example during Peppa Pig shows.  Please ask your children if they have come across it and to let you know if it does appear.  We will of course reinforce our internet safety in IT lessons and we have enclosed some further information about it in our newsletter.

On that note I urge you to get your boys outside and put down those screens this weekend.

I hope to see many of you this evening at the quiz.

Andrew Forbes – Head