World Book Day at the Pre-Prep

Another end to a busy week.  Somehow I have lost a day and was quite surprised to find that today was Friday and not Thursday!  This week has pretty much been all about books and reading.  We have held a book fair in school for the duration of the week and celebrated World Book Day on Thursday.  When I was on book selling duty, it was great to see that the boys were like bees around honey, really enjoying looking at the books and brimming with much excitement.

We had a dress up day on Thursday which started with a parade in the hall.   Every single boy in the school had a costume and had made an effort to celebrate books and reading.  Some of the characters I had never heard of before!  We gave out prizes for the best “homemade” costumes, some of which were outstanding.  With the poetry competition last week and the celebration of World Book Day this week, I am sure that we are feeding into our school improvement plan targets of getting the boys to enjoy reading.  Mr Kibreab had the most daring costume amongst the staff; he came as a character from the book series ‘Aliens love Underpants’.  Only he could pull off this type of costume!

Year 2 had their parent consultations on Wednesday and again there was much to commend and celebrate.

I joined in today with the flower arranging, when the Nursery were commemorating International Women’s Day.  I was asked why I was there, as I am not a woman.  The answer to this is that today is not just about celebrating being a woman, but for men and boys to appreciate the women in their lives.  For me it is about being a male role model to our young boys and teaching them that women are special, equal and must be treated with respect and dignity.

From flower arranging to the rugby field, where our boys took on Wetherby at tag rugby.  My understanding and enjoyment of this game is growing, as I watched our boys take on Wetherby.

We are at that time of the year again when our Year 2 boys and their families now know where they will be going for Year 3.  We are exceptionally proud of our boys and what they have achieved.  It has been so rewarding to take note that all the little tweaks and changes we made as a school when this cohort were in Reception, have really worked.  The list of schools are as follows; St Pauls Junior School, Kings College Wimbledon, Falcons Prep, Latymer Prep, Caldicott, New Beacon School, King’s House, Hampton Prep and a few boys will be relocating.  We are very proud of WM and FB who were offered Falcons Prep School scholarships.  We have, in my opinion the best set of exit results that we have ever had and I look forward to hearing where these boys end up later in life.  Thank you to their parents who have worked very closely with us and placed an enormous amount of trust in the school and what we advised them to do.

We have decided this year that due to the poor uptake on the sales of the whole school photograph, that we will not have one this year.  Last year only 11 were bought over both the Pre-Prep and the Prep, which resulted in a dent in our academic budget as a school.  I would much rather use that money on the academics this year which will directly benefit the boys and their learning.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Andrew Forbes – Head