Red Nose Day!

After a discussion with my senior management team last week about what was happening each day this week, I was asked “Why is so much happening this week and who is in charge of the diary?”  I smiled and realised the point being made!  This week has been jam packed with three evening events and an open morning tomorrow.  I have to say that when the school diary looks like this, I turn to my wonderful and dedicated staff to pull out all the stops.  I have not heard a single grumble or complaint and each event has been of an exceptionally high standard.  Alongside this, the lessons I have seen have continued to be outstanding.  As a Head, I am very grateful to my team for going the extra mile.  Monday morning we had our music Performers’ Platform.  A wonderful way to start the week!  We have had an incredible amount of positive feedback from the boys and parents about our Nick Carter “Deep Fear” challenge.  The boys and parents have absolutely loved working with Nick.  The project has fed into the Courage value of our “3C” ethos.  It has resonated very well with the Year 2 boys who have pupil passports and has generally given them a few lifelong learning tips on how to become more resilient. Thank you to Mrs Jarvis who arranged this event and to the parents who attended the talk.

On Wednesday, we had the Brainiac team come in to work with Year 1 and 2 on their mathematical problem solving skills.  This type of activity is run by an outside team of specialists who not only inspire the boys but impart new skills to the staff.  We also held our Year 1 parent consultations and once again, much progress was celebrated.

Thursday evening saw us invite all of our current Nursery parents as well as the new families joining the school in September 2019, to a wine and cheese evening.  This was the first one we have held and it was a great success.  It was a relaxed event to showcase what parents can expect for their boys, next academic year in Reception.  There was a real buzz of excitement to see what our current Reception boys are doing.  Chef Nay and her team provided the most delicious canapés.  I was asked several times, which professional company catered the event and I was very proud to say our very own chef and her team.

Today the boys were very excited about Red Nose Day.  I was so inspired when Mylo B popped in to my office with his red nose, one which had been painted on!  He was excited to tell me although he was a little bit sad not to have one like all the other boys, he was very proud to have an eco-friendly red nose which did not involve the use of any plastic.  I think this is an ingenious idea for this time next year.

We played another Year 2 tag rugby match today against Wetherby Kensington and the boys continue to improve their skills each week.  I am really beginning to enjoy this game.

Four of our boys in Year 2 have used their entrepreneurial skills and flair for music and drama to stand outside Marks and Spencer on the high road with their mums to perform the Macarena.  They have done this to raise money for our charity Marine Conservation Society.   Jack, Christian S, Toby and Wyatt have raised an astounding £500.  This was completely their own idea and done in their own time.  What an accomplishment!  Well done boys!

It is after a week like this, that I remember a comment made by a school inspector, “It is amazing what these boys are achieving at such a young age”!  When I relate the week’s goings on to my partner, inevitably over a gin and tonic, I realise what a wonderful school community we have and how lucky we are to work with these children.

Tomorrow is our open morning and we are expecting many new families to come and visit us. Thank you to the numerous Year 2 boys who have volunteered to come and showcase their school.  Please do share our open morning flyer via social media to drum up any last minute walk in visits.  You can access our flyer by clicking HERE.

If I did not see you today I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your families.

Andrew Forbes – Head