Another busy week at the Pre-Prep

What a week!  I would like to start off my saying thank you to my wonderful parent body for the overwhelming response I have had to the announcement of my promotion.  I have been inundated with emails and kind congratulatory comments.  This week has been filled with emotion for me and has seen me tied up, with going the extra mile to meet and greet prospective candidates or chatting to them over the phone.  Mr Hanley-Browne was right, as there is a large interest in the position.  I had expected this, as this is such a wonderful place to work.

Whilst all this has been going on, my staff have made 100% sure that the school has run like clockwork and all the boys are getting an excellent education.  We had our Spring term governance visit on Tuesday.  Four of our directors came to see us, these included Mrs Stephen our director of Schools and Mrs Francis our Director of Education.  As a senior leadership team, we have been working with our staff towards an outstanding grade in an Educational Quality Inspection. Much focus for this grade is in the quality of the teaching but more so, on all the children reaching the intended outcomes of a lesson.  The governance visit was focussed on lesson observations.  We devised the time table so that every member of the teaching staff was observed.  This is a fantastic way to use our understanding of what outstanding teaching looks like and combine that with the opinions and experience of the governors.  The governors have had access to this type of structure across the whole group, thereby sowing the seeds for fantastic professional development to take place. I could not have been more proud of the staff and what they showed them.  The boys too rose to each challenge put in front of them.  The whole visit was a great success and the governors left saying that we had given them an excellent, high quality visit.  This is how a school gets better and better, tweaking and being open to rigorous challenges and professional debate.  We enjoy and welcome our governance visits.  My senior leaders were superb.

On Wednesday, Mr Graham Able visited us, he is the deputy chairman of the board of governors and one of our former CEOs.  He was amazed at how we have regenerated the facilities since his last visit.  The Year 1 boys went off the National Portrait Gallery and come back brimming with information and excitement mentioning many pieces to Mr Able which I had not heard of!

Reception boys were whizzed off to watch the Year 4 Prep performance which they really enjoyed. We had our Lamda recital where 20 boys recited their poems to their parents.  I was so pleased to see the dramatic element of the curriculum being alive and well in our school.   Today some of our Year 2 boys took part in the Finton House tag rugby tournament, this was a very competitive fixture which only required one team to attend – we were crowned the overall winners – well done boys!

Please remember that we are expecting Reception parents to “Come and See our Work” on Wednesday 27th and Year 1 and 2 on Friday 29th. These will be taking place between 8:30 and 9:15 am.  They were a great success last time we held them, please come again.

If I did not get to see you at the gate this week, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Andrew Forbes – Head