Spring has finally sprung!

This week has been a relatively quiet one at our little school.  The boys have had a good week of solid learning and teaching.

We did however, have a phenomenal Spring term concert on Tuesday.  I was incredibly pleased to see how adventurous Mr Arnott had been with our boys.  The songs were from either films or plays;  a very topical and relevant theme which the boys had ownership in choosing.  I relished the opportunity to see the boys playing solos in a public setting.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how happy the boys were while singing or bobbing along.

Year 1 raised £81.95 for the Brookwoods Magic Breakfast charity which supports children who come from backgrounds where they are unable to access a breakfast each day.

We had “Come and See our Work” in Reception, Year 1 and 2 this week.  These are becoming more popular, as the boys love to show their parents what they have been doing in class.

Next week is the last week of term and the boys are a little tired.  We have chatted to them in assembly about the importance of being kind to each other.  We explained clearly that they are expected to treat others how they want to be treated.  They fully understand that in life, there are consequences for actions and choices.  I am always heartened to see that they know that they are in charge of the outcomes of the choices they make.  This is a lifelong learning skill we are very keen to impart to them.  Even the Nursery boys are familiar with this language and terminology.  Please can you reinforce these themes at home?

Next week we will have clubs, late care and aftercare until Tuesday.  School closes on Wednesday with staggered closing times to accommodate multiple pick-ups and families:

– Nursery will be dismissed from 12:00pm

– Reception from 12:10pm

– Year 1 & 2 from 12:30pm

If you need to pick up at 1:00pm please email your son’s class tutor individually.  The school will be shut from 1:00pm for the Easter break.

If I did not get to see you today I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Andrew Forbes – Head