The summer term is here!

What a great start to the term!  The boys and staff have all come in with all guns blazing and raring to go.  Lessons and clubs started fully on the first day back and we all seemed to get straight back into routine.  The staff and I, whilst going through the term’s calendar realised how short the summer term actually is.  We have a very ambitious set of events lined up, all to complete in a relatively short space of time.  I find the summer term is when the boys mature and make excellent academic progress which in turn, is very rewarding for the teachers and parents.  It is also a time of nostalgia as our Year 2 boys leave us, many of them having toddled through the door four years ago, only being three years old.

I find the best way to approach the summer term is to really enjoy every minute of it! Taking the time to appreciate the children and in many ways to be grateful for the wonderful environment we find ourselves in.  I thoroughly enjoyed going into the classrooms and saying hello to the boys.  They were all so eager and pleased to be back at school with their friends and with their teachers.  We have been taking advantage of the beautiful playground, which one of the boys put so perfectly by saying, “It isn’t really a playground anymore, and it is like a big garden”. This made me smile as it clearly shows that we have created a home away from home for our boys.

I have been in contact with Ms McLaughlin this week and I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her, which made me realise more and more, how aligned our thinking on education actually is.  I am pleased Mr Hanley-Browne appointed her, as she is a very caring, warm and genuine person, who clearly loves working with children.  Please remember that Ms McLaughlin will be coming to meet parents on 8th May.  We will run a crèche to ensure that parents are able to attend.  I will confirm a few other dates in due course, when she plans to meet the children and staff.  If I did not get to see you this week, have a wonderful weekend and please get your boys outside as much as you can.

Andrew Forbes – Head