We love having visitors!

Whilst spending time with the children this week I have noticed how much they have physically grown.  I can see that many of them are almost ready to go to their next year group.

We have had a good solid week of Learning and Teaching and it was evident when I showed two sets of prospective parents around the school.  They loved the lessons they went into and enjoyed their time here with us so much that they signed their boys up immediately.  Our boys are used to visitors in the classroom, but it is their confidence and pride in their work which speaks the loudest as I often ask the boys to tell the visitors what they are learning about.  I have to say that it is always the children who make the biggest impact whilst I am conducting a tour and I often have to assure the prospective parents that none of what they have seen has been staged.

Year 2 have started their swimming lessons and I overheard Mr Grant saying how amazed he was at their ability already.  Today we had the Father and Son football match. This is one of my favourite events.  I do enjoy seeing the dads, many of whom have forgotten they are no longer a spring chicken, careering around the field.  I often think to myself, “Ouch, that is going to hurt tomorrow!”  The event is a great one and today has been fantastic.

Year 2 parents have been in to hear about what their sons are to expect on the Lodge Hill trip.  This is one of our favourite trips and the boys love it.

We look forward to seeing many of you next week on Wednesday 8th May at 6:30pm, for a 7:00pm start, to come and meet the new Head, Ms Mclaughlin.  Mr Hanley-Browne, our CEO, will be here as will Mrs Stephen, our Director of Schools.  We will run a crèche which will be open from 6:30pm onwards.

It is going to be fairly sunny this Bank Holiday weekend; I hope you have a great time with your boys.

Andrew Forbes – Head