Time needs to slow down!

Please slow this term down!!! This is what I am hearing from my staff every day.  With this I concur.

The school is abuzz with the sound of music, dance and drama.  I had a few chuckles when I saw the boys prancing proudly around the school in their costumes.  They are so excited and happy.

We had our Summer term governance visit on Tuesday.  Mrs Stephen, Mrs Francis and Mr Jones came in to visit us from our Alpha Plus Head office.  They went through our paperwork with a fine toothcomb and I am happy to report that they felt their visit was exemplary and that the school is in fantastic shape for Ms McLaughlin next term.  They spent 30 minutes with our boys as an inspector usually would.  I always leave the room during these interviews, so that they have access to the boys without any influence at all.  The boys are asked a series of questions about online safety, bullying and resilience, just to name a few of the focus areas.  Our boys were superb to say the least.  They represented themselves and our school to the highest standard possible, showing knowledge well beyond their years.  What I really like to hear is how happy the boys are and how proud they are of their school.

Thank you for your responses to the survey which were also discussed in great depth.  We had a phenomenal response rate for which I am very grateful.  The only area of concern that came up, which we will address, is how well the boys know about how to keep themselves safe online.  We cover a lot of this during lessons and feel that maybe we need to let the parents know a little bit more about what the boys actually do.  This will be addressed very quickly next term in the weekly newsletter.  Once again thank you for all of your feedback, both positive and constructive.

The MCS Penny Drive ended this week and wow, what great support we have had!  The boys really went to town and I believe this is because they actually chose the school charity themselves – it really means something to them!

Our Nursery dads came in today for their annual Fathers Day/Magic Breakfast with their sons.  Such a special time to see dads with their boys in school.

Year 2 had their cricket fixture this afternoon against Wetherby.  Lots of skill in this game and so much to think about when playing.

Tomorrow is our Summer Fair with Sharky and George taking centre stage.  Although the event is at school and the staff and I will be here, the parents are in the charge of their children.  I have told the boys in assembly that safety is paramount and if needs be, they may be asked to sit out of an activity.  I am sure this is just a precautionary warning.

It is at this time of year when we often get formal or informal requests from parents who feel that their son deserves to be awarded a trophy at Prize Giving or should have a position of responsibility next academic year.  Whilst we are always willing to listen, I thought it would be useful to point out that not every child is chosen for these awards.  It is a democratic process, voted on by all staff.  We cannot control who is awarded what and when.  We have cut the trophies down by two thirds this year in Year 2 as per my previous letter.  Each Year 2 boy will get a graduation medal to celebrate his success.  Prize Giving is geared towards Year 2, as they are leaving our lovely school.  I hope parents will join us in encouraging their boys to celebrate others’ achievements as well as their own.

I am really looking forward to our summer shows next week.  These will be my last and I promise to try and remain dry-eyed.

I’m sure that I will see most of you tomorrow, but if not have a wonderful weekend.

Andrew Forbes – Head