Perform, perform, perform!

Perform, perform, perform has been the name of the game this week!  Our boys have been on stage performing to their hearts’ content.  There is always a juxtaposition on the amount of time the boys spend rehearsing for the summer productions.   We have narrowed this down considerably over the past few years and have managed not to compromise the quality of each performance.  I have had the pleasure of watching all three performances this week.  To have seen, from the very small little boys through to our big boys, the vast difference in what they are able to do, was phenomenal.  There is such a big change in the boys from the time they arrive in Nursery to the time they leave us in Year 2.  They quite literally grow up before our eyes!  Each boy enjoyed himself, got up in front of an audience with his peers and delivered his piece with confidence, and most importantly showing great joy as he did it.  I love seeing the boys shine in this area of school life.   Some boys just came to life on stage and we really saw a different side to them.  The costumes were great and the lines with humour were delivered beautifully.  I had a lump in my throat several times for quite a few reasons.  The most obvious was, the pride I had in watching our boys up on stage.  This is probably the same way many of our parents felt, seeing their sons growing up and progressing so quickly.

Ms McLaughlin is coming to join me for the day on Monday.  We have a jam-packed itinerary, including lunch with Miss Buchanan and Mrs Williams-Ryan.  Ms McLaughlin will also be here for our Welcome Day on Friday 28th June.

Last night, we had the Alpha Plus Senior Leadership celebration evening at the East India gentleman’s club in central London.  Our little school featured heavily, as we have had a phenomenal year all round.  Mrs Stephen, our Director of Schools hosted the evening and we celebrated the successes of all the children across the Group.  It was wonderful to note that her speech focussed primarily on the children in our schools.

With two weeks to go until the end of term, we still have many wonderful events happening.   I look forward to seeing you all at various points between now and the end of the term.  Please remember that after Prize Giving on 3rd July, you are all invited back to school for one final celebration and a formal farewell to Mrs Chubb who has given her entire working career to Alpha Plus.

Have a wonderful weekend with your boys.

Andrew Forbes – Head