Sports Day

Term is swiftly coming to a close.  We seem to be sprinting towards the end of a marathon.  The highlight of this week was our 30th Sports Day!  Our PE department and teachers put on a spectacular event.  The rain held off and we got through the entire event without our umbrellas.   Our boys were beautifully behaved, but most importantly, I think they displayed a great sense of sportsmanship.  We are working on getting our boys to understand that we will praise the process rather than the outcome of what they do.  This is really working, as there were far fewer tears or upsets when they did not win or come first.  The sports field can be a hot bed for lifelong learning.  I was so pleased to see how hard each boy tried; the look on their faces when running a race, sheer determination and in many cases great resilience.

Next week is our last week.  If you have not signed up for our whole school parent consultation on Monday, please do so.  As you will have received your report today, please bring it along to your meeting should you wish to discuss it.  The Art Exhibition will be running on the same evening.  Please come down and join me for a glass of wine and a spot of art in the hall after or before your meetings.  You can STILL bid for the beautiful canvas paintings.

Your son’s books will be on display prior to your meeting so please pop in and go through them.  Clubs will not be running for the entire last week of term.  This includes extra English and maths.  There will be Late Care and activities running as well as Late Care to 6pm.  On Monday, we will run a crèche until 7:30pm but your son may not stay at school for the entire time.  If, for example, your meeting is at 7:20pm, your son has to be picked up by 6:00pm.  There is no charge for the 5-6pm care on Monday.

We have our Prize Giving on Wednesday starting at 2.00pm finishing by 3.30pm. We will only open the church at 1.45pm.  Traditionally, our Nursery boys do not attend prize giving but, this year, should you like to pick your son up from school and come to Prize Giving with him, this would be perfectly acceptable.   With it being a time to say goodbye to many, we would love our entire parent body to attend.  After the ceremony we would like you to come and join us back at school, for champagne and canapés in the playground, to say a final farewell to Mrs Chubb and our other staff who are leaving us this year.  We aim to wrap this up by 4.30pm.

The final day is Friday; we will be opening the gates from 11.20am onwards for a whole school pick-up at 11.30am.  If you would like your son to attend the Prep school Prize Giving, please let your teacher know so he can be collected earlier.  We would like all of the boys ideally picked up by 12.00pm as we have our final staff lunch together at 12.15pm. If you should have a problem with pick-up time, please email your teacher to ask them to keep your son until 12.30pm.  Please only use this option as a last resort if you have multiple school pick ups.  The blue door will be shut for business, hopefully by 12.30pm. What a lot of detail!

I hope to see many of you this evening at the PA drinks; if not, have a wonderful warm weekend with your boys and remember the sun cream.

Andrew Forbes – Head