A Fond Farewell

This is my last piece for the Flying Falcon!  I would like to start off by saying thank you to my parent body for my wonderful painting and generous gift.  I will treasure them for many years to come.

I have said goodbye to so many of you this week and I know that I may not see many of you and your children again, but it is the memories which will last forever.

I have not told many people what I am about to tell you.  When I first joined this school 8 years ago, this was my “last stab” at being a teacher.  It was my last attempt to see if education was the career I was going to pursue.  I was investigating how to become either a real estate agent, a lawyer, a florist and even a black cab taxi driver.  I had become disillusioned with the teaching profession and felt I needed a drastic change.

I had had several interviews at schools and had been told that I was “too expensive” just to be a class tutor.  No matter how much I explained that I have never been motivated by money, the private system had ruled that with my experience, they could employ a newly qualified teacher to carry out the same job description, for much less.   I interviewed here and decided to “give it another go!”  All I can say is that I am so glad I did.  I found the warmth and genuine kindness in this school very early on.  There was no hidden agenda, no airs and graces – just good, honest and genuine people.  It was the Falcons family.   It was to become the close family network I had lost, so turbulently, when we were forced to leave our farm in Zimbabwe.

At that time, I had no intention of being a Head or a school leader again.  I had been interviewed before my appointment here for the Deputy Headship of Wetherby School and was disappointed that I was not appointed.  I quickly learned that all things happen for a reason.

I am so grateful to have been part of this school.  I am honoured to have been the Head for the last three years.  BUT most importantly, the privilege of having your trust to work with your boys, has meant the most to me.  The boys I have worked with here over the last 8 years have been phenomenal!

I know that one day when I am watching television, I will see these boys doing amazing things!  I will point up at the screen from my chair and say, “Hey, that boy was in my school, where I had my first headship!”  All I can say now is, thank you to this wonderful school community, both past and present, for “saving” my career.  I am so glad Mr Milne coaxed me out of what would have been a very poor career choice.  I leave here with a vast skill set and I can only hope that I can create this culture again.

Have a wonderful summer and please let your boys play and just be little boys!

Andrew Forbes – Head