A Quality Early Years education is essential to lifelong learning

Our Head recently spoke to the Chiswick Herald about why she loves doing what she does and why it is so important for our future generation:

‘‘From an early age, I have always been interested in child development and the way in which early life experiences can either enhance or impede future development. Current and past research support the facts that a quality Early Years education has a significant impact on a child in terms of
their achievement later in life.

‘‘If you have spent time with a young child, you will have noticed that during the early years of a child’s life, their brain is, quite literally, a sponge. Their thirst for knowledge and their passion and energy for life are boundless. As an educator, I love working with boys during this formative window and playing a part in setting them up as people with a lifelong passion for learning and an interest in the world around them.

‘‘I feel very lucky to lead a school of highly-experienced Early Year practitioners who are dedicated to our boys and their education. I received some feedback recently from one of our parents who said that ‘my son is fortunate to be taught by such passionate professionals who have fostered in him a love of learning which he will carry with him for a lifetime.’

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