Falcons boys raise over £1,100 for Magic Breakfast charity

Our boys never cease to amaze us, and this time is no exception.

With the help of his big brother Eddie, Elvis (Year 2) wanted, during these uncertain times, to try and help other children less fortunate than himself.  During his time at the Falcons Pre-Prep, Elvis and his family have become familiar with the charity Magic Breakfast, set up to provide free and healthy breakfasts to disadvantaged school children who often go to school hungry.  The school run regular ‘Magic Breakfasts’ as a way of fundraising and so Elvis and his brother decided to put their support behind this charity once again.  Over the past few weeks, the boys have managed to raise the amazing sum of just over £1,100.

This huge amount of money has meant that Magic Breakfast have been able to supply over 2,000 free and healthy breakfasts to school children across the UK who would otherwise have gone without.  Well done Elvis and Eddie!  A true embodiment of one of our core school values: ‘Care’.