Falcons Pre-Prep: Sam

Sam joined us in Nursery and quickly settled into our all boys’ environment.  Coming from a family with a strong affinity to sports, Sam thrived, right from the start, from all the physical pursuits we have on offer for the boys.  Our approach of getting boys out of their seats and actively involved in their learning resonated well with Sam and was key to him thriving at our school.

Sam was a model student in the classroom and enjoyed working in groups as he was able to use his kind and caring nature to gain from these sessions. His creative and imaginative side frequently came throughin his classwork, which was always accompanied with a general good nature. In particular, Sam proved himself to have a natural flair for mathematics and science, achieving a high standard in these areas and, we hope, taking with him a lifelong love for these subjects.

Coming from a sporty family, Sam was fully involved with all our sports and often represented our school in the numerous sporting fixtures and thrived in the Friday night football five aside teams. Again his natural leadership emerged as he often captained these matches, in an inclusive and encouraging style.

Sam was an absolute role model and a true Falcon’s boy in that he took tremendous pride in his school and his school uniform.  Often commended for looking very smart when shaking hands at the gate in the morning, Sam was soon seen helping the children in Reception with their ties and lining up. Sam thoroughly enjoyed having positions of responsibility and in his final term here, he became our head boy.

Sam’s time with us was filled with fun, hard work, determination and ultimately success in all aspects of his school life. He blossomed at our school in conjunction with the honest and open rapport we were able to build with his family.  We met regularly in both formal and informal settings to work together to help Sam thrive.   We often hear from Sam’s family as, once part of the Falcons’ family,  always part of the Falcons’ family.  When Sam comes back to visit there is a sense of pride and belonging which we hope he will always have.

Quotes: Sam

I loved my time at Falcons and will always remember it with a big smile.

Some of my favourite things at school were:

  • The teachers: all of my teachers were so kind and friendly and made sure we were having as much fun as we could while we were learning. We went on amazing trips like the ones to the RAF Museum, the Natural History Museum and the London Aquarium.
  • Sports: Our sports teachers were the best. As well as teaching us how to play football, rugby, dodgeball, cricket and do lots of other things, they made sure we all knew how to work as a team and help each other. Sports Day was so much fun — especially watching the Mums and Dads doing the tug of war and taking it very seriously. I loved playing in the Dads and Boys Football tournament too.
  • Concerts and plays: We all had the chance to sing in front of our parents in the Spring and Christmas concerts every year. We sang some great songs like ones from Matilda and Moana. My Mum told me she cried every time (embarrassing). We also did a summer play, which we performed at a real theatre, which was amazing. My favourite shows were Aladdin and Robin Hood.
  • Food: Lunches at Falcons were spectacular — we were very lucky to be so well fed! I’m feeling a bit hungry thinking about it.
  • Residential trip: One of the highlights of my time at Falcons was the overnight trip to Lodge Hill in Year 2. We got to do archery, zip-wiring, snow-tubing and lots of other cool things, together with our teachers. But most of all, it was great being with my friends, staying up late and having midnight feasts.

I was so excited to be made Head Boy in Year 2. I loved the responsibility and always did my best to help the younger boys and set a good example. I was really proud to show parents around the school and talk to them about life at Falcons. I hope that their sons will be as happy there as I was.

At Falcons I made fantastic friends who are still my friends now, even though we’ve gone to different schools. I hope we will always be friends because they’re the best!