A School of Options

One of the reasons that I love being the Head of Falcons Pre-Prep Chiswick is that we are very much a school of options.  Boys leave us at the end of Year 2 to either join Falcons Prep Richmond, which is a seamless transition and does not involve a lengthy assessment process, whilst others will join one of the highly selective independent day schools in London via the 7+ route.

Falcons Pre-Prep is one of the only schools in the area to be able to offer this dual pathway which we think is of great value as we know that one size does not fit all, particularly at this young age.

We have all the expertise necessary to help our boys and their families reach a successful outcome for their desired choice for Year 3 whilst understanding that the 7+ is not for every boy.  It is a rigorous and highly competitive process and only a portion of each year group will be successful.  For a boy who is not quite ready, it can be a stressful experience both for themselves and for his parents.

During a boys’ time in Year 1, I sit down with each parent to discuss their son’s future and, if parents are keen to explore the 7+ route, I will advise them accordingly.  For those boys that we feel are up to the challenge, we will embark together on a parallel learning programme that sits alongside our curriculum and is designed to give the boys as much preparation and guidance as possible.  This will include additional work at home guided by the parents as well as the opportunity to attend an additional club after school.  We work closely with each boy and his family all the way through the process to find the perfect match for his passions, academics, and personality.   My team has in-depth knowledge of each future school as well as strong relationships with their leadership teams.  Future schools know what it means to have a Falcons Pre-Prep boy in their application process as our reputation has been proven again and again.

My door is always open for parents to come and have a chat with me at anytime about their son’s progress. At the end of the day, the most important aspect is that each boy leaves my school with the knowledge that he is going to a school that is the perfect fit for him, and one where he will leave as the very best version of himself.