How do we at Falcon’s Pre-Prep prepare our students for their next school

This piece would be talking about wonderful and important ways in which we at Falcon’s Pre-Prep prepare our students for their next school and the development of our students here at Falcons Boys Schools. We also talk about the importance of these schools for the growth and development of your child.

Ways in which Falcons Pre-Prep cater to the individual learning needs of our students and how we get them prepared for their next school.

As the Pre-Prep school name suggests, we prepare our pupils for their attendance at senior schools. We have more than enough resources to enable each child to get treated as a proper individual. At Falcons Pre-Prep, we help each child to discover their intelligence in whatever form it might look like or appear.

Let us talk about some things which explain how we at Falcons Pre-Prep cater to the learning needs of our students:

1. We lay a very strong foundation for learning up to the age of 7

We give our students a very strong foundation and we truly feel that our students should be in a Pre-Prep environment that nurtures them till the end of Year 2.

2. Learning Support

Pre-Prep schools offer small class sizes. This means that students get significantly way more attention than they would if they were in a class of thirty plus. We have class sizes at Falcons Pre-Prep which do not exceed sixteen. We also have teachers who can give their full attention to teaching all children individually. We offer additional support to assist those that have differences in their learning patterns in several different areas. Falcons Pre-Prep facilities stand as some of the best in the country.

3. We also recognize Potential and Talent

Falcons Pre-Prep looks at the potential from very early ages and then we help celebrate these talents by allowing our students to excel properly at areas in which they have a very high amount of passion for. Another one of the values of our Falcons Pre-Prep School is the attitude that tells our children to be proud of themselves, we never let them down and we let them have this freedom. This properly tells everyone that all children are special, unique and different. It also helps everyone understand that being special is a great thing. Now children can get to tailor their extracurricular activities around all the things that truly give them interest. Some coaches and teachers work closely to make sure that these children can properly make the most out of all these opportunities available to them.

4. English Excellence

English and literacy is a core aspect of the Falcons Pre-Prep curriculum. Our students get introduced to many fantastic authors, compositions, styles from a very early age.

At Falcons Pre-Prep, we focus on comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, reading which are necessary to build a strong foundation for the further education of kids.

5. Our kids get to learn properly outside their classes

We all know that education is not fully confined to classroom results and we encourage education outside of the classroom. Our students can enjoy and have fun when they visit the countryside. We also offer support to their studies academically. Humanities have pupils which visit lots of heritage sites. These trips  help our students to experience brand new things and explore.

6. Enjoy the brilliance of people individually

The curriculum of Falcons Pre-Prep has been organised and created to help pupils thrive in a place that is tailored to the individual needs of their students.

7. We teach them ways of taking responsibility

Responsibility gets instilled in pupils that are in Falcons Pre-Prep. This helps to set them on beautiful pathways to senior education. These pupils are expected to join in and add to what the school community has got to offer. These pupils could become members of the committee for groups which focuses on topics like junior pastoral, digital, food and eco top. In their final year, some pupils get selected to become Head Boy and House Captains to further teach them how to be responsible leaders.

8. Your kids grow in a global community.

At Falcons Pre-Prep, we celebrate the diversity of our students.  We serve as a school which provides very important stepping stones for some children who are being educated in the United Kingdom for the first time. We have an international community which welcomes early and introduces people gently to the school curriculum and routine. We embrace several different religions, cultures and beliefs too.

Using these methods stated above, we fully believe that your child would develop properly because all of his or her needs would be taken care of properly and individually. As a result of the small class size, the experience teachers available would be able to tend to each of their needs as a single individual. Because as is always said, no two people are the same. Even identical twins have their differences and characters.