How to prepare your child for the Falcons Pre-Prep Checklist for parents

Welcome to Falcons Pre-Prep Chiswick.  We are an independent day school for young boys from two years to seven years. We also have a co-educaitonal Nursery for girls and boys aged two to four years.

This article will be talking about different ways you can prepare your child for Falcons Pre- Prep Chiswick. Keep your eyes open for the lively and lovely information this piece has to offer.

What is life like at Falcons Pre-Prep?

Our fees include all snacks and lunch. We also have a thriving after school club and Breakfast Club is also available for those working parents that need to drop off a little earlier each morning. All these activities are exciting for our students to take part in. We are an energetic and bustling school that has a happy and positive atmosphere. We pack a lot in for your children each day.  Holiday clubs are also available and they are run by staff members during the major holidays for a little fee.

The community that we have at our school allows our students to let them grow their self-esteem and gives them the confidence levels they desire. It also helps them to interact with each other properly as well as adults too. There are small class sizes with a low student to staff ratio. We are able to make sure that all our children have learn proper ways to reach their full potential and they get taught many ways to think outside the box.

Our students arrive at school happy and excited – they get awesome handshakes and a Good Morning that comes from the heart. See this lovely school is a fine combination of these two elements. The students get taught respectful ways to greet each other.

All these great students are taught by highly qualified and skilled teachers. They can gain assistance in their classes. These assistants come from several different classes. Like ICT, games, PE, French, Music too. These are all thought by different teachers that are specialists in these areas. Our students participate in drama productions, assemblies and  sporting fixtures.

During term-time, students can take part of private music lessons which are an additional fee.

When was Falcons Founded

This school was founded in the year 1956 as the Faulkner House. The mission would be to prepare young ones for competitive preparatory school entry in London. This is to ensure a properly successful future of learning.

The key core values of the school are Care, Courage, and Curiosity. We have lots of pride when we learn that all boys after leaving this Pre-Prep school have always continued displaying these important values in everything and anything they do.

Whenever you come into our school, you will hear confident, happy kids. We truly love teaching and helping our students learn through a curriculum that is challenging and balanced and suits the interests of these curious young ones.

So you need to have children that are challenged, children that are beginning to find out who they want to be in the future and are ready to do some hard work to get there.

In support of the academically strong curriculum, there are many physical activities provided through practical or sports lessons. These are necessary important parts of the Falcons boys’ daily schedule.

From the professionals around, our staff fully understand the methods with which these children learn. They also understand their needs specifically at several different maturity stages. From Reception onwards, which we are a boys-only school. This allows us to offer bespoke curriculums and those that tap into the best ways of engaging and connecting with our young learners.

Nursery School

Falcons Nursery Chiswick provides a wonderful foundation of learning for your young son or daughter. They play necessary roles by contributing to the ethos and culture of the entire school.

We can meet all of your child’s needs. You can have faith in us that they would gain quick and fast paths to further their education. Because of this, many seamlessly move into our partner school, Falcons Prep Richmond.  Others are successful in gaining places at popular London independent schools through the 7+ process. They are able to succeed because they have all the necessary training they need to have which is why with faith, they shall succeed and gain a place at their preferred school.

For our young girls in our Nursery, we would provide them with the necessary foundation for getting prepared for both selective and non-selective schools. We would also support parents in the application process and selection which would help them gain entries into many wonderful state and independent schools inside the area. This will depend on finding the best fit for your family and your daughter.

All Nursery School children would attend five mornings, around 8:30 am till 12.30pm, including lunch.  They would get to take part in a weekly Forest Schol  session which is  led by our Head of Nursery who is also a qualified Forest School practitioner. Breakfast Club is available from 7:45 am. Sessions in the afternoon are available five days a week and the children are encouraged to attend for at least three days at the end of summer so they can start getting prepared for the next year in Reception. The afternoon sessions would end at 3.10pm, otherwise they are able to enjoy late care until 5pm.

This school is an fantastic place to grow up, to learn, to explore, and to feel challenged.  If you have any questions about the Falcons Pre-Prep you should contact us via our website or on the phone.