How we at Falcons guarantee our students have the best possible learning environment?

Falcons Pre-Prep is one of the best Pre-Prep schools in London. Over the years, we have successfully worked with several students to give them the best results and the right footing in life. Parents need to understand at the Pre-Prep school level is one of the most fundamental levels in the life of the child. So, they need to be careful when choosing.

Thankfully, Falcon’s Pre-Prep is set to help your child achieve the best academic footing in life. People may ask, how does the staff and management of Falcons Pre-Prep guarantee the best possible experience for your child.

1. Attending to the needs of students.

In our school, we understand that Early Years education is important, and children, just like adults have physical and emotional needs. One thing we understand is that children have psychological needs that they have. They need love and belonging and competence for them to develop and grow.
In our school, our students are taught to meet all required expectations set-aside for their growth. When our teachers intentionally address their needs in and out of the classroom, students are usually generally happier to be present in school.
When the child is taken care of, there are fewer behavioural problems. There will be an increase in the engagement among students and overall, they will always be happy.

2. We Greet our students at the door every day.

This is one thing that makes us stand out at all times. Our teachers do not just know their content area, but they know how to manages their entire classroom effectively. As a student enters the door, our teachers greet the students one after the other. We give them firm handshakes and establish eye contact with them so that they will be self-confident for their future.
Sometimes we have given our children good fist bumps, handshakes, or high fives. We do this so that all our children experience the first positive contact from us. This act shows that we care about our students. This helps them loosen up and become more co-operative throughout the day.
This singular act sets them up for a great day ahead.

3. We let our students know us.

One thing we realise is that students come into the classroom with a lot of preconceived perceptions of our teachers. In a lot of cases, it can be an obstacle that prevents communication between the teacher and the students.
The only way we remove this is to provide the child with the right kind of information about our teachers.
We tell teachers, that they should share some good personal experiences with their children. Once in a while, they take out pieces of paper and give them to the children to write questions about them.
When you establish such a connection with the children, students will enjoy learning from the experience and will most likely open up to the teachers more. This kind of communication is key to improve the lives of the children and give them closure to talk and communicate with us.
This is the best way to go, and that is why our children turn out to be the best.

4. Avoid Judging the children.

One mistake that a lot of Pre-Prep school teachers make is judging the children that are kept under their care. This is wrong. One thing we realise is that not all children have the same mental capacity. Some children are the most intelligent while some are more social. This is why this is a great learning environment.
Aside from learning from teachers, children also learn from the children around them. When teachers begin to judge children, they remove their self-confidence in the long run. We always encourage our teachers to prevent judging their children. Instead we cultivate them and teach them in the right way.
When you do not judge your children, you give them that sense of self-confidence that will enable them to perform better in and out of the classroom. Self-confidence is key to building the best children that will do favorably within and outside the school. This is very important.

5. We are vulnerable to our children.

The good thing about our school is that we are completely vulnerable to our children. Being vulnerable helps our children develop trust with us faster and easier. One thing we do is that we try to own up to our mistakes since we are also human. We do not see ourselves as perfect, and we try to correct our mistakes.
One thing a lot of schools do is that when they make a mistake they do not own up to it. Teachers must learn how to accept their mistakes and own up to them. This is the only way they can grow. When your students realise that their teachers show great examples by owning up to their mistakes, they will learn from them and become better.
Learn not to make excuses for your actions. This is what we do. No matter the kind of mistakes we do, we ensure that we reprimand ourselves and show that we are not perfect.
When you do it continually in the presence of your children, they will begin to know you, like you, and trust you to always remain at your best. Children learn from little experiences like this.

1. We celebrate the success of our children.

Rewards are one of the best things we do for our children We realize that it is not easy for children to attain certain academic or physical feats so they need to be awarded.

One thing you need to realize is that celebrating is not all about the party and the jubilations, it is an indirect effort to help students put more efforts towards learning. When students see that one of their peers is being rewarded for a job well done, they will want to work harder to achieve more on their part. This is the best thing you need to do.

Final Words

These are some of the things that we do that makes our entire learning and teaching experience the best. A lot of parents love us and trust us with giving their child the very best education possible.
If you are looking for the best Early Years education for your child, please ensure that you  bring them to our school. With time, you will begin to see the great changes in the lives of your children. Our school is the best when it comes to Pre-Prep education and at all times, we work hard to give our students and teachers the best training possible.