Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning


‘[Pupils] have a high regard for the benefits of the outdoors and the natural world. In the EYFS children demonstrate a clear appreciation of nature and are able to explain how being outside makes them feel happy.’

(ISI Inspection 2022)

In recent years, with studies showing that children are playing outdoors less and less, there has never been more of a need to ensure that young children are enjoying their learning outside of the traditional classroom as well as inside it.

Our Head of Early Years is passionate about getting children engaged with nature and developing a love for the outdoors.  Our weekly outdoor learning sessions are a key highlight for our Nursery and Reception year groups.

Outdoor learning sessions allow children to take a break from the traditional indoor classroom environment as playing and exploring outdoors offers such a rich additional layer of learning opportunities.  These foster independence and a sense of achievement, both of which have a very positive effect on all areas of a child’s development.

We visit our local green spaces such as Harvard Hill Park, Chiswick House Gardens and the Gunnersbury Triangle where they learn to take calculated risks, climb trees, roll down hills and get their hands dirty in the mud.  They take part in new and exciting activities such as nature collections and bug hunts.  Each season brings with it a new canvas to learn from.