Pre-Prep schools vs Primary schools – main differences explained UK pre-prep schools vs international pre-prep schools – main differences explained

Private schools and independent schools

Private schools and independent schools in the UK are not funded by the state nor by endowments or gifts.  These schools will charge parents termly fees for their child to attend.

Public Schools

These are the most expensive and exclusive boys schools. These schools are quite often boarding schools.

Boarding Schools

These refer to UK schools that have more than enough facilities for pupils and students to stay at these schools on a flexible, weekly, or termly basis. Usually, they have facilities that are superb and they have a lot of extracurricular activities. These days, most of them accept several students that attend these schools daily. Some of these students could benefit from everything on an offer. They could also go home to sleep on their beds whenever they desire like those that are day students.

Pre-prep and Prep Schools

These are short for Pre-preparatory schools and Preparatory schools. These are schools which are private primary schools for young ones that are aged two to seven or seven to eleven or thirteen years. These schools prepare their pupils to enter mainly into independent secondary schools.

At times these schools are also known as Junior Schools in the United Kingdom.

The difference between independent schools, private schools, and public schools in the United Kingdom?

These private schools are those that do not get financed by the government or the state. They are typically financed by the fees paid by the parents of the students. They cater for every and any age group. The fees include a lot of things. Every independent school is a private school. These terms are usually used instead of the other. Usually, there are independent schools that are overseen by a group of governors or trustees. Other private schools could get run by their owners without any body of government. These public schools are at times private schools. Most times, the most expensive or old boarding school might probably be a private school.

These specific types of schools just have a simple ground rule known as that which has the independence of operating outside the regulations of government and those which charge fees too. These private schools still need to follow the necessary standards of safety, education, health, and others that are typically inspected by the government. At the secondary school level, these prepare students to take identical examinations and public assessments as those from state schools.

Public School Definition

In the United Kingdom, these public schools sound like an archaic and misleading term that is used to define a group of boarding schools for secondary students that have been established. This term has referred to the fact that in the year 1868, a little group of schools for just boys got independence from the government or church, and it went in favour of the management by this governor’s board. The original seven were known as Rugby School, Westminster, Shrewsbury, Harrow School, Eton College, and Charterhouse. There are now lots of public schools, a hundred even. These include some that are just for girls. There are also Co-educational schools. Almost all of these have day pupils and a high majority of these have boarding fees that are upwards of about thirty-five thousand pounds. There are lots of them that have very high entrance requirements.

What’s the difference between a Primary School and a Prep School?

Prep schools all require payment of fees. Some of these Pre-Prep schools typically start at the age of three or four although it is not impossible to find a Pre-Prep school that takes younger Nursery students such as Falcons Pre-Prep Chiswick. Some even feed their kids into prep schools at the age of seven or eight. These preparatory schools do what they state that they would do. They aid in the preparation of pupils for entry into some very good private secondary schools by making use of examinations that the world knows as Common Entrance or the Prep School Baccalaureate. These kids usually take this exam for entry into schools at aged 13 (Year 9).

Nothing in the English school system is straightforward. Some Prep schools feed grammar schools and independent day schools that start in Year 7. These all keep pressure off until it is time for CE in Year 8. Several different senior schools demand an 11 plus style pre-test in Year 6 or Year 7. These offer places which are up to about two years ahead of entry which would then get secured by passing CE. Several different pupils at the state primary school have moved on to their state local secondary school. Though a lot of them would engage in exams around eleven for fee-paying secondary schools.

I don’t understand why the English private School System can be so confusing?

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I’m sure at this point you fully understand the differences, I mean the main differences between prep schools, primary schools, pre-prep schools, boarding schools, private schools, and independent schools. Some of these schools are used interchangeably, not all of them though.