Art and DT

In Early Years, Art and DT is taught as part of the ‘expressive arts and design’, ‘EAD’ element of the early years foundation stage curriculum. In Nursery and Reception there is a ‘constant provision’ of materials for cutting, sticking, drawing, colouring and often painting in each classroom on the ‘art table’.

In Key Stage 1 the boys have 1 hour per week. Each term is divided in half with DT and Art. The boys explore a variety of artists work and experiment with the different techniques to create their own inspired works. They work with different medium and are encouraged to add their own ideas and individuality into each project.

The Art Department strongly believes in allowing the boys to choose how they work and be more ‘child led’ rather than ‘adult led’.  Consequently the boys have created more individual art rather than all making ‘clones’ of the adult example.

A well-known artist Luke Martineau commented on our children’s art as “truly amazing, demonstrating a huge breadth of variety and talent”.