At the Falcons Pre-Prep, we recognise that computers and technology are an essential part of everyday life. As a result, our ICT curriculum has evolved over the last few years to put less focus on ‘user skills’ and more emphasis on ‘computational thinking’. We believe this is a skill that must be taught to prepare our boys for the ever-expanding digital world.

We mostly follow the Computing National Curriculum. Our pupils learn about computers and how they work, how to create simple programs using icon-based coding and how to think creatively to make new digital content with an underlying theme of e-Safety. Our students begin developing their digital literacy skills in Nursery, taking part in weekly lessons taught by our trained staff. This continues in Reception where the boys have iPads, laptops and interactive screens to augment their learning in each term’s thematic topic.

In Years 1 and 2, boys begin focusing on the three core elements of computing as outlined by the National Curriculum: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. Boys begin their Computing journey with a focus on problem solving and sequencing instructions, the early foundations of programming. We introduce Bee-bots and eventually move onto working with Espresso Coding on the iPads. Boys learn what an algorithm is, how to create one and that it may be necessary to debug our algorithm is it is not running properly. Boys have multiple opportunities to create new and original digital content in Microsoft Word, Publisher and using the website PurpleMash. Class discussions are held to brainstorm ways that technology is used outside of the classroom and also, how to use technology safely and respectfully. Using the internet safely is taught to all the boys and we hold regular parental workshops to help parents keep their children safe at home.

We are very excited about our Computing program of study at the Falcons Pre-Prep. We know that it is helping shape our children into logical and creative thinkers who are prepared for the future and what it may hold.