Year 1

Boys move automatically from Reception into Year 1, where they mainly work within the structure of the National Curriculum, which extends the solid grounding of the Foundation Stage. It is a transition year as the boys move from the Early Years Foundation Stage to more formalised teaching. Year 1 holds a full curriculum as we prepare the boys for Year 2, but it is a priority of The Falcons School for Boys to keep the learning active and fun!

In Year 1, all traditional subject areas are taught. The boys focus on English and Mathematics each day, with all other subjects taught through termly topics. The curriculum has been specifically tailored to cater for boys, thinking about their learning styles, interests and what they will respond to. Our termly trips are planned in order to bring the topics into perspective and to give enhanced meaning to what has been learnt. The learning experience is greatly enhanced through the use of technology in the form of interactive white boards, netbooks and i-Pads.

The boys are expected to be independent, coming to the classrooms by themselves and taking responsibility for their own belongings. Each class has an elected termly school councillor who meets regularly as a group to discuss their classes’ ideas and opinions on how to better the school. Boys enjoy being part of a House where they can earn house points for their team. The aim is to promote self-esteem, good behaviour and develop the boys into well-rounded members of our school community.

All the pupils are taught by qualified and highly skilled teachers, and are ably assisted by classroom assistants, who work across all the classes in their year group. Music, French, PE, Games and Art are all taught by specialist teachers and are a definite highlight of each week. All boys take part in school sporting fixtures, class assemblies, productions, choral and dramatic, usually timed for the end of each term.

We aim to produce intrinsically motivated, well rounded young men, boys who are a real ambassador for what we at The Falcons School for Boys stand for.