French teaching at The Falcons School for Boys Preparatory is taught through modern, communicative methods which combine oral practice and grammatical accuracy. We aim to stimulate the children’s interest about the French language and francophone culture. French allows pupils to develop analytical and communicative skills, as well as transferable skills such as logic.

French is taught from Year 3, continuing on from the foundations put in place at the Pre Prep and prepares pupils for the Common Entrance exam in Year 8. Pupils of Years 3 and 4 have two slots of 30 minutes per week where we focus on listening, speaking and vocabulary. We learn through games and fun educational activities to arouse their interest in languages.

Year 5 pupils have an hour and a half of French learning each week (one slot of 30 minutes and one slot of an hour) and start discovering grammatical notions. We begin to learn how to build sentences and that is where logic and analytical skills are developed.

The Years 6, 7 and 8 have two hours of French per week. We essentially carry on working on vocabulary and grammar through writing, speaking, reading and listening. By the time they reach Year 8, Falcons boys have tackled all the topics required to go through the Common Entrance exam.