Geography is about developing knowledge, skills and understanding relating to people, places and environments. This ranges from having an awareness of our immediate environment in Richmond to recognising features in the furthest reaches of the World. Throughout their time at the Falcons the boys develop geographical enquiry skills and understanding as well as gaining an appreciation for the countries and landscapes of the world.

Starting in Year 3, we explore the constituent elements of Geography and develop an appreciation of the human, physical and environmental aspects of the subject. Lessons are taught in a practical and engaging way with an emphasis on linking new concepts to the boys own experiences. Access to technology and current resources ensures that lessons remain fresh and linked to recent global events. In the middle and senior years, boys receive 1 and half hours of specialist teaching as well as having the opportunity to take their learning into the field during our Year 7 trip to Slapton Ley Field Centre. Emphasis is always placed on the boys own knowledge of the world as this is invariably our greatest resource!