In our studies of History, Falcons boys learn about their place in the world, consider how the past influences the present and how previous civilisations became established in different parts of the world. We learn how societies organised politics and which beliefs and cultures influenced people’s actions. Boys develop a chronological framework as a skeleton to support knowledge of significant events and influential people.

Boys learn to find evidence, balance arguments and reach supported conclusions.   We help develop essential skills of analysis, evaluation and research, encourage boys to prepare and test theories, and provide coherent, fluent answers to challenging questions. As boys move up through the school, they learn to analyse and evaluate increasingly complex source material.

From Year 3 onwards we explore Saxons, Greeks, Viking and Anglo-Saxons, followed by the Medieval, Plantagenet and Tudor monarchs, and the English Civil War. We examine Victorians and briefly touch World War Two. During Year 7 we study exam techniques and by Year 8 boys are ready for the 13+ exam, following the Common Entrance syllabus.

History is fully integrated into the curriculum, and is taught by specialist teachers from Year 5 for 80 minutes per week. We expose the boys to a wide mixture of site visits, artefacts and academic study, and encourage both boys and parents to bring specialist knowledge to the class.