The Falcons School for Boys’ Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum endows its pupils with the skills needed to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. Having learnt to use common office applications at the beginning of their time at the school, boys develop a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of programming, computer science and media manipulation, in the process enhancing their logical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Just as importantly, our pupils are taught of the paramount importance of staying safe. They are afforded their own protected virtual social space within which to interact and are encouraged to behave with circumspection and care online. The school further models sensible and productive interaction by involving pupils in its learning platform – a bespoke space for sharing the fruits of teachers’ and pupils’ daily collaboration.

In addition to the weekly hour that the boys spend in our well-resourced computing suite, our other departments use a wide range of hardware and software to enhance their teaching and the school offers supplementary courses in touch-typing.