Latin is taught in the Falcons School for Boys Preparatory from Years 4 right up to Year 8, in line with other traditional major prep schools. The primary purpose is to enthuse the boys for the language and the culture of the Roman Empire while preparing the boys in the best possible way for the 13+ Common Entrance, of which Latin is a core subject.

The grammatical syllabus is taught right from the beginning of Year 4 in order to foster both an early appreciation of how the language works and long term confidence in the subject through continuous practice and repetition. By the end of Year 5, the boys will have been taught how to simplify translation passages from Latin into English and they will have covered about three quarters of the 13+ Common Entrance Level One syllabus. Resources for Years 4 and 5 are based on the online book Latin Made Simpler by Mark Fullerton and the use of youtube for covering the Greek Mythology section of the syllabus. Both years have one hour a week for lessons.

In Year 6, the boys use the textbook Latin Practice Exercises by R C Bass. They spend the year practising translations in lessons from this book and, by the end of the Spring term, they will have completed the syllabus for Common Entrance 13+ Level One. The boys have two hours a week for lessons.

Years 7 and 8 are centred on relentless preparation for the 13+ examinations. They have two hours a week for lessons. One hour each week is spent by the boys working on a past Common Entrance examination paper. For Year 7, the other hour is spent recapping on topics already studied in the syllabus and completing the 13+ Level Two syllabus. Year 8 increases the focus on the forthcoming examinations still further, including targeted lessons on typical grammar questions from past papers.

All of the boys, in all years, are given prescribed vocabulary lists.