Religious Study

At the Falcons School for Boys, we explore the rainbow of religions and associated beliefs that make up the modern United Kingdom, encompassing the multi-racial and multi-cultural city of London, and in every classroom. As a study of concepts and beliefs rather than the more factual structure of History, boys share a similar chronological framework as a common structure.

Falcons’ boys learn to develop conclusions and provide thoughtful and increasingly mature answers to challenging questions about society, morals and spirituality. As boys move up through the school, they learn to compare and contrast the surprisingly common themes across the major religions. In Year 7 boys study exam techniques, and are ready for the 13+ exam by Year 8. RS is fully integrated into the curriculum, and is taught by specialist teachers from Year 5 for 80 minutes per week.

We expose the boys to a wide mixture of site visits, artefacts and academic study, and encourage both parents and boys to bring specialist knowledge to the school. Apart from enjoying academic success, a boy leaves the Falcons with an excellent appreciation of the diversity and rationale which support the religions and beliefs of those around him. He will be ready to start making personal choices in support of his own beliefs.