Prep schools explained – benefits of attending a pre-prep before going to prep school

Pre-prep School London Definition

There is very serious competition at the top pre-prep schools in London. The reason these pre-prep schools are quite competitive is that these children need to fully get prepared for the very serious competition for their entrance exams.

Just like the name tells us already, one of the major aims of these London Pre-prep Schools is to prepare pupils to enter private independent schools when they get to the age of 7 (or eleven or thirteen). There are several pre-preps and other preps that are linked seamlessly that have proper transitions between them – the Falcons Pre-Prep is one of them.  In fact the Falcons Pre-Prep is unique in that it is a school of choices.  A seamless transition at 7+ is available to their partner school, Falcons Prep Richmond, as well as preparation and guidance for the 7+ entrance exams to other leading independent schools.

Being a school of choices is one of the Falcons Pre-Prep key strengths.  The 7+ is a rigorous process and not every boy will be ready.  For those that are, we provide full support and guidance throughout the process.  For others (and this will often be the majority), we are able to offer a seamless transition to our partner school, Falcons Prep Richmond, where he may stay until 11 or 13.

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How does a pre-prep school prepare your child for a prep school?

We are a school which would help your child to become a happy and confident learner. These are great investments. We do not have the one shoe size fits all approach. We have serious care and this should be a very important thing on your list. There’s also the academic rigour which needs to have proper offerings concerning sports, music, arts, culture, and other related items. We make sure that your child would gain every opportunity.

Higher up the school in Year 2, there are many fixtures available in football and rugby which offer opportunities for anyone that wants to get involved.

One of the necessary questions which need to be asked would be the methods one can make use of to select the most important pre-prep school for one’s child. These Pre-Prep schools fall or stand by the destinations of their senior schools. The Falcons Pre-Prep has a very successful track record in helping their students get into the future school of their choice.  We’re here to help them grow and move forward.

Another View from the same Falcons Boys School Guide

Our guide has looked carefully at several Pre-Prep schools. So we know what we are talking about when we want to explain what would be the things and how a pre-prep school would train your child for prep school. All of these reviews have been done to help one make the best choice necessary for your family and your children. One of the great benefits you would enjoy from selecting a wonderful pre-prep school is that your kids would get to enjoy a lot of after school activities. Some of these even have a breakfast Club. For working parents, I’m sure you would love this.

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This is a school that will give boys not just the best start in life, but the right start. They would get to have a heads up start when moving through life. Most of these boys leave not just with results that are great but with epic general knowledge of life. They would be curious intellectually and they would enjoy all the cultural things. There are several myths that are available from boffins that are hothoused. We have all noticed that there are young kids that have a wonderful sense of fun and those that are properly motivated and those who enjoy being stretched honestly.