Welcome to Reception at The Falcons Pre-Prep. These are very important years, which lay the foundations for your son’s future education.

While your children are with us, we aim to provide them with a wealth of experiences which will help them develop self-awareness, a high level of self-esteem, and equip them with the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to help them achieve their best. Our aim is for your son to develop all his abilities in a happy and caring environment.

Both for our new pupils and for the boys who are progressing from our Nursery, the move into Reception is a big step to take, and one that is an exciting new experience for your son.


  • We follow the national Foundation Stage Curriculum, Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage, which develops skills, knowledge and attitudes in the 3 Prime Areas, and the 4 Specific Areas: Personal, Social and Emotional, Communication and Language, Physical Development, and the Specific Areas of  Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts and Design.
  • Much emphasis is placed on Personal, Social and Emotional Development throughout the year. Developing independence builds a child’s confidence in so many ways and lays such important groundwork for success and security in school.  Learning to identify their own feelings and manage them successfully is a vital part of developing strong friendships and helping a child to a happy and rewarding social life, at school and in the long term as an adult.  Learning to listen to others is vital for participating effectively in group and class learning as well as developing into a secure and valuable adult member of society.
  • Each half term has a theme (which provides a focus for the children’s learning) and activities with clear learning objectives. A lot of these planned activities are practical and playful in nature as this is how young children learn most effectively. There are also daily opportunities for the children to follow their own interests, initiate their own activities and learn through exploration.
  • Short term planning (weekly/daily) is based on the observed learning needs and interests of the children.
  • Each day the children will experience being taught as part of a whole class group, a small group and in a one- to-one situation. It is important that they thoroughly enjoy their time in these two foundation years, and leave with an enthusiastic attitude to learning, along with the relevant skills and knowledge.
  • The boys have PE with a specialist teacher and also participate in planned activities (covering all 7 areas of learning) outside on a regular basis. Boys need lots of active outdoor play!
  • Music is taught by a specialist teacher and the boys also regularly sing, play music and dance with the nursery staff as well.
  • The boys also enjoy learning French, taught by a specialist teacher.  These sessions are fun, active and usually involve music and movement.