Trips and Residentials


All of the children at Falcons Pre-Prep take advantage of the opportunities that the capital affords us, with regular trips to museums, galleries, aquariums, farms and theatres. We also frequently visit nearby parks, including Chiswick House, for our Forest School sessions. The trips are related to the topics the students learn throughout the year.


In the summer term all of the boys in Year 2 go away on a residential trip, staying at an activity centre.

This trip is exhilarating and a huge highlight of the year for the boys. It helps to further develop their independence, experience and ability to work within a team.

Please read more below for further descriptions of some of the trips that our students take part in and more information about the Year 2 residential.


Fire Station Visit

We visit the local Fire station which links in with our topic ‘People who helps us’. The children always have great fun learning about fire safety, as they get to sit in the fire engine and try out the hose!  They also get to look at all the equipment that the fire engine carries! Children are always mesmerized when they see the flashing lights and hear the sirens!  Some of the children might even get to use a hose to knock a bucket off a cone, while others try on the firefighter’s equipment including wellies, leggings, coat and helmet. This always results in having some budding firefighters in Nursery!

Farm Visit

Another end of year trip that the Nursery class takes is to a Farm as playing, learning and exploring on a farm is a fantastic experience.  The children experience and have fun learning about outdoor activities, nature, wildlife, and the countryside in a safe environment with a relaxed atmosphere. The Farm visit is very diverse as different types of learning experiences for children and young people can be met. Children enjoy goat milking sessions, tractor and trailer rides as they see lots of animals on the way and of course their ultimate favourite: pig racing! All this links in with the Curriculum for Excellence, including: outdoor learning, health and wellbeing, UTW, computing, EA&D, languages, mathematics, and PSHE as it helps children and young people develop knowledge, skills and attributes to flourish in life, learning and work now and in the future.


The Reception boys go on three main trips every year and numerous small local visits as appropriate to the interests of the moment.  These small trips occur within the school day and are always within walking distance of the school.

In the Autumn term the boys go to the Waterman Arts Centre in Brentford, or the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon to see a production designed for their age group.

The Spring term trip is a visit to the Natural History Museum to find out about dinosaurs and to see a small puppet play about growth and development.

The Summer term trip is a visit to Kew Gardens to explore plants, growth and development and life cycles more thoroughly. This is a wonderful open air trip exploring the bug trails, badger setts and wealth of plant materials available.

In addition there are numerous small trips through the year.  Reception have done some Forest School type trips in the local park in Harvard Hill, they have gone to St Michael’s in Elmwood Road to find out about Easter, they have been to the Vicarage Garden at St Paul’s to complete a bug hunt and they have been to Chiswick Business Park to look at their composting and recycling activities and their bee hives.

Year 1

Each term the Year 1 boys enjoy exciting field trips related around our topic of the term.

In the Autumn term, we visit the Chiltern Open Air Museum to enhance our history topic, ‘Homes of the Past’. The boys not only get to walk inside genuine homes of the past, but they also take part in hands on workshops that bring history to life. They learn about cooking before electricity and make griddle scones on an open fire, non-electric source of light are explored before making their own beeswax candle to take home and they even get to walk inside an iron-age house.

In the Spring term, Year 1 goes on an undersea adventure at the London Aquarium. During this term, we study ‘Continents and Oceans of the World’ in geography. The boys are ecstatic as they are able to see what types of animals live in different oceans around the world. They even get to take part in a ray feeding and get to touch a starfish.

In the Summer term, we go on a culminating trip to Chiswick House that relates to a variety of topics from the year: Our Local Area (geography), Homes of the Past (history) and Plants (science). It is always a pleasant trip visiting such a fantastic landmark that is right on our doorstep. The boys spot wildlife, discuss the different types of plants in the gardens and compare Chiswick House to modern homes.

Year 2

Year 2 enjoy three wonderful trips over the year including an exciting one night residential in Pulborough, West Sussex.

First, the trip to the Roald Dahl Museum in Aylesbury has always been a magical experience. The boys have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Roald Dahl’s life experiences through stories, play and drama.

In the spring term the RAF Hendon trip offers an engaging and inspiring environment for the boys’ work on World War II. The workshop, air raid experience and dressing up all help develop the boys’ interest and understanding of the topic.

In the summer term we have the fantastic adventure to Lodge Hill. It is a magnificent and memorable trip. The boys spend most of their time outside participating in team building exercises, archery, zip wires and an amazing camp fire sing along! Fun is had by all.

All the trips involve the boys developing their social skills and knowledge in a fun and educational environment.