Fire Station Visit

We visit the local Fire station which links in with our topic ‘People who helps us’. The children always have great fun learning about fire safety, as they get to sit in the fire engine and try out the hose!  They also get to look at all the equipment that the fire engine carries! Children are always mesmerized when they see the flashing lights and hear the sirens!  Some of the children might even get to use a hose to knock a bucket off a cone, while others try on the firefighter’s equipment including wellies, leggings, coat and helmet. This always results in having some budding firefighters in Pre-Reception!

Farm Visit

Another end of year trip that the Pre-Reception class takes is to a Farm as playing, learning and exploring on a farm is a fantastic experience.  The children experience and have fun learning about outdoor activities, nature, wildlife, and the countryside in a safe environment with a relaxed atmosphere. The Farm visit is very diverse as different types of learning experiences for children and young people can be met. Children enjoy goat milking sessions, tractor and trailer rides as they see lots of animals on the way and of course their ultimate favourite pig racing! All this links in with the Curriculum for Excellence, including: outdoor learning, health and wellbeing, UTW, computing, EA&D, languages, mathematics, and PSHE as it helps children and young people develop knowledge, skills and attributes to flourish in life, learning and work now and in the future.