Year 1

Each term the Year 1 boys enjoy exciting field trips related around our topic of the term.

In the Autumn term, we visit the Chiltern Open Air Museum to enhance our history topic, ‘Homes of the Past’. The boys not only get to walk inside genuine homes of the past, but they also take part in hands on workshops that bring history to life. They learn about cooking before electricity and make griddle scones on an open fire, non-electric source of light are explored before making their own beeswax candle to take home and they even get to walk inside an iron-age house.

In the Spring term, Year 1 goes on an undersea adventure at the London Aquarium. During this term, we study ‘Continents and Oceans of the World’ in geography. The boys are ecstatic as they are able to see what types of animals live in different oceans around the world. They even get to take part in a ray feeding and get to touch a starfish.

In the Summer term, we go on a culminating trip to Chiswick House that relates to a variety of topics from the year: Our Local Area (geography), Homes of the Past (history) and Plants (science). It is always a pleasant trip visiting such a fantastic landmark that is right on our doorstep. The boys spot wildlife, discuss the different types of plants in the gardens and compare Chiswick House to modern homes.