What makes Falcons Pre Prep’s curriculum stand out from other pre-prep school education schedules?

When people are looking for the best Pre-Prep school for boys, especially in the UK, the right school that comes into their mind is Falcons Pre-prep school. We are one of the best pre-prep schools in the UK and over the years, we have worked hard to give our students the best learning experience that they need to move onto their next school.

The thing that makes a lot of people love our school is our learning processes. Since it is a boy’s school, we understand how boys need to learn and the specific needs that they are supposed to have. This is why we offer our very own bespoke curriculum to ensure that our students are learning continuously.

We have our main areas of learning, and these areas are what make our school curriculum stand out from other pre-prep schools across the country. Several parents respect us because of the quality of teaching that we give to our children. We ensure that they always get the best. We are going to discuss this extensively in this article. We are going to show you why and how the curriculum in our school is built to grooming men into becoming the best leaders that they need to be for the future.

Reasons why Falcons Pre-Prep school stands out.

1. We value extra-curricular activities.

The main reason why a lot of people love our school is that we do not only believe in classroom learning. One thing you must note is that children learn from different experiences. These experiences sharpen their thought processes and help them think in a whole new light.
Physical activity is key. Since the classroom is for building mental capacity, the playground and fields are for building physical capacity. One thing you must understand is that having a high mental capability with a low physical capability will not help the class grow in any way.
Your child needs to always be the best at all times, that is why we work hard to provide them with the best of both worlds.

2. We believe in the power of teamwork.

We understand that no child can make it in school all by themselves. That is why we always encourage peer2 peer learning in our curriculum. In some classes, some kids are seen to be smarter than the rest. So, we realise that if we continue teaching without carrying everyone else along, there will be a learning gap amongst our students.
In our classes, children learn together, read together, watch educational videos together, make friends with each other so that the entire learning process is easier and everyone is carried along.

3. We teach for knowledge and understanding, not just to pass examinations.

A lot of schools around the world often make this mistake. Based on the school regulatory board, they teach their children just to pass internal and external examinations and not to instill knowledge. This is sad.
At Falcons Pre-Prep, we teach students to know and understand. Understanding is key because when you understand, it will be easier to learn.
When we teach for understanding and not just to pass examinations, students will have no reasons to force themselves to study. The entire studying process will be better and faster.

4. We have small class sizes to ensure everyone learns well.

Several schools always increase the size of their classrooms to ensure that they have more students, in our case, we work with small sets of students to ensure that they are given the best treatment possible.
Many schools with large class sizes are unable to pay attention to the individual needs of the child. The child is often looking stressed, with an inability to catch up on the tasks that have been assigned to them.
In every classroom in our school, our students are taught to be the best at all times. We have the best-trained teachers that work hard to ensure that these children are not left out.
Since it is a Pre-Prep class, and the children are very young, this age group needs a lot of attention and care. Some of them, when they join us in Nursery, do not even know how to properly speak. Our well-trained teachers are there for proper guidance.
With all the systems we have put in place, we are sure that your child will have the best learning experience and learn everything they need to know to access their full potential. We will ensure that they learn to think outside the box.

5. We invest in the training and knowledge of our teachers.

We understand that having the best teachers is the best bet for giving your child the best education possible. As a school, we invest time, energy, and resources to ensure that our teachers are always learning themselves.
This is the main reason why a lot of people trust our school. We work hard to always ensure that our teachers have good knowledge. This is because knowledge and information change over time. Our teachers need to be equipped with the right knowledge to work with our students. Over time, these children learn from the best hands.
A lot of schools do not invest in their teacher’s training. They leave their teachers to keep on delivering stale knowledge to their pupils even as time changes. This is why these children end up not competing academically with the rest of their peers.
Since we take time to invest in our teachers, these teachers end up producing the best students for us that make our school proud.

6. We have the best child welfare.

People love us because we work hard to take care of each child. This is how our teachers are trained. In our school, we work hard to ensure that the children in our care are well taken care of. The welfare of our children is very important and we work hard to ensure that we give them the best.
When a child has the best welfare, they will always want to learn. Children do not learn in environments that they are not comfortable with.
Choose a school that has the well-being of your child in mind and you will always get the best experience.

Final Words.

The truth is, we offer one of the best Early Years curriculum in the UK. Several parents have given us a lot of positive acclaims regarding the quality of teaching that we offer.
We understand the importance of Pre-Prep education. That is why we work hard to always give the children in our care the best results that they can get.
Falcons Pre-Prep school is the best because we take our time to execute. We do not give bland knowledge. Instead, we take out time, to step out, conduct our best research, and refine what we teach students.
We dedicate our time to ensure that your child is well taken care of. This is why a lot of people love sending their children to our school.
If you are looking for the best Pre-Prep school, Falcons Pre-Prep Chiswick is the right one for your child.