Why is Early Year’s education so important?

A lot of people around the world often view Early Years’ education as just a pre-primary school phase. This is not the case. The Early Years curriculum is one of the most important phases of education that should never be overlooked.
People often overlook this stage because they underestimate its importance in their child’s learning journey. Over the years, there have been several discussions about the importance of early childhood education. In recent times parents have become more aware of the need to invest in their child’s Early Years development.
Research has shown that a good Early Year’s education helps to improve the overall cognitive abilities of the child.
In this article, we are going to show you the importance of early year’s education and why its worth should not be underestimated.

1. It impacts children in the long run.

One good thing about having great Early Years education is that it lays a very strong foundation for good learning habits. It also helps them to develop early literacy and maths skills which will give them a headstart for when they start KS1 (Key Stage 1).

2. It helps to bridge the learning and development gap.

Studies have shown that the most critical brain development period of a child normally happens when the child reaches Nursery age. A good Early Years education, delivered by experts in this area such as at Falcons Pre-Prep, will ensure that this period of time is capitalised on from a learning perspective. Studies have shown that a good Early Years education will help develop a better IQ and good academic performance.

3. Brain development is rapid.

The Early Years specialists at Falcons Pre-Prep Chiswick deliver an engaging and stimulating curriculum. It is designed to aid the development of their brains and fine motor skills. If this education is lacking in the early years, it may have a negative impact on the child’s overall academic abilities when he or she is older.
We truly understand the importance of Early Year’s education and work very closely with each and every one of our children and their families to ensure that we are always helping each student reach their full potential.

4. Children that receive a good Early Years education achieve more academic success.

There is proof that early childhood education helps children achieve better success in school. When they have fully grown, they have better opportunities, improved health, lower levels of crime rates, and low dependence.
At Falcons Pre-prep, all our methods aim at setting our students on the right path to success. We are dedicated to ensuring that we give lifelong value to our students that will help them grow socially and achieve excellent academic performance.
We help students prepare for the 7+, whether this is to Falcons Prep Richmond or other London day schools.
We understand that the future of the child is built by what they learn when they are younger. So, we invest our time and talent to ensure that they get the best at all times.

5. Several learning delays can be reduced if they received a good Early Years education.

This is also another main importance of Early Years education. We realize that children who do not participate fully in early childhood education often struggle a lot when they get to Reception and Primary School.
Learning delays can affect a child. They will often find it difficult to understand certain processes and deal with issues that may occur. When they go through the Early Year’s curriculum, their learning and development processes will be better.
At Falcons Pre-prep, we work hard to ensure that your child gets the best start to his or her learning journey. We provide these young learners with the right opportunities to grow and become better adults for the future.
Register your child for Falcons Pre-prep today and secure the best learning journey for your child. We have all that it takes to give your child or children one of the best learning experiences in London.

Final words.

In this article, we have shown you the main reasons for a good Early Years education. When you give your child the best education possible you will see that they will do better than most of their peers going forward.
One Pre-Prep school that a lot of people always recommend is Falcons Pre-prep school in Chiswick. We are one of the best and provide outstanding levels of care to our children along with delivering a rich and engaging curriculum.
People love our school because of the quality of students that our school creates. With the values of Courage, Curiosity and Care underpinning all that we do, we are proud of each and every boy that leaves us to continue their learning journey at their next school.