Year 1 and Year 2

The adventure of learning continues as our pupils progress to Year 1.  The boys are now ready for a more formal environment although that does not mean the learning stops, as it is filled with excitement and practical experiences. 

Throughout both Year 1 and Year 2, all traditional subject areas are taught. There is a focus on English and Mathematics on a daily basis, with all other subjects taught through termly topics.  The curriculum has been specifically tailored to engage the students, thinking about their own personal learning styles and interests. Termly trips are planned in order to add relevance to their learning and to bring their topics to life. Their learning experience is greatly enhanced through the use of technology in the form of interactive white boards, Surface Pros and iPads.    

Our pupils are encouraged to be independent, coming to the classrooms by themselves and taking responsibility for their own belongings. As they move to Year 2, they take on leadership roles. We have a Head boy and a Deputy Head boy, sports captains, prefects, librarians and special helpers. The aim is to promote self-esteem, good behaviour and develop our pupils into well-rounded members of our school community.  Each class has an elected termly school councillor who meets regularly as a group to discuss their classes’ ideas and opinions on how to better the school. 

At the end of Year 2, a large number of our pupils transfer to Falcons Prep Richmond where they have a preferred seat.  We help prepare the remainder of our boys for entry into a variety of preparatory schools. We meet and consult with parents regularly to ensure that the correct choices for schools are made. We aim to make the transition procedure as smooth as possible, with our extremely qualified and experienced staff preparing and supporting both the boys and the parents through the process. 

All of the boys are taught by qualified and highly skilled teachers, and are ably assisted by classroom assistants who work across all the classes in their designated year groups. Music, French, PE and Games are all taught by specialist teachers and are a definite highlight of the weekly timetable.  All boys participate in school sporting fixtures, class assemblies, productions, choral or dramatic, usually timed for the end of each term. 

Our aim is to produce happy, confident young boys who leave with the knowledge, skills and independence to be successful in the next stage of their education.